Wednesday Night Bible Study 30 November 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 30 November 1966

QUESTION: Leviticus 18:21. Who is Molech?

ANSWER: He was a fallen Angel, a war god. But human sacrifices were poured out to Molech to keep him from bringing punishment, revenge, from Lucifer back upon the people. When they didn’t worship Lucifer then Molech would punish them, so with living sacrifices they would pacify Molech who would pass it on to Lucifer.

QUESTION: I was thinking. If people everywhere were to die, then why did early church people pray that people live until Christ came?

ANSWER: I am not sure that they did. In other words, as far as everyone dying, they have accepted this down through the years and they die. but I don’t know that they prayed this at any particular period of time. We at the end of the age might pray this as we would like to see Christ come at this hour. In fact, unless they are elderly people then most will make it anyhow. But as to the scriptural position there is no known necessity from the standpoint of condemnation of people dying since Christ raised from the dead. “As from one man came death, by another came Life.” But the pattern is that people accept death and then as they finally accept they pass on.

QUESTION: I remember reading years ago that no one passes on until they accept it.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 28 September 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 28 September 1966

QUESTION: Is there any Judah blood still left in the Jews?

ANSWER: In the first place Judah blood was not in the Jews. There is only three places in the Old Testament where the word ‘Jew’ is used. This is Yehudin and they were referred to, or they used this because they were referring to and calling people, as of Judah when they were actually the abomination of Satan. This was not done until the King James Version of the Bible. They never called Abraham a Jew before this, they were always called Israelites.

Now; a whore tried to trap Judah, and then later tried to bring that offspring back into Israel, years later. But this offspring if it had been Judah’s would have by this time been married back into his mother’s people several times and there would have been no Judah blood there.

Actually the scripture would tell you that this was a trick for there was no Judah blood in the Jews. The Jews of Jesus’ time were Canaanite’s and if they came from Cain by no stretch of the imagination would there be any Judah blood. When Jesus said: (John 8) ‘ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do, your father was a murderer from the beginning’. He was talking about Cain, who was the first murderer as it effected our race. Jesus said: ‘I am from above, you are from beneath.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 28 December 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 28 December 1966

We have a question that was sent in: Asking for the true mane of God.

The name of God is a personal, proper name, which is YAHWEH.. The word God is not a proper name, it is a title that has been bestowed on HIM, such as the title of King, or of Caesar. Now we find that after changes were made in the Scripture then Genesis 1:1 says: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Until the bible was translated into the Douay Version and the King James version, the true Scripture said: “In the beginning, Yahweh created the heavens and the earth.” So YAHWEH is the name of God and always has been.

It seems that when Jewry was trying to get a grip on the Priesthood in Jerusalem as they worked into that area at the time of the Maccabaen and Hycranus Priesthood they started to influence and change the scriptures to make them conform to the Talmud. Here at Jerusalem the Jewish Rabbi later said: “We must take the name of Yahweh out of the mouths of the people and we will put in the name of the Tetragrammaton, and thus they will not use the word Yahweh, instead they will use the name of Adoni or Elohim. ” Well Adoni means Lord and the word Elohim is another word for God, but is not HIS name. So here at Jerusalem they used the word El and the word Elohim, and then they passed a law at the Temple that said: the people could not use the name of Yahweh anymore, instead they must use the words, Adoni, and Elohim.

After this as time went on the name of Yahweh was taken out of the mouth of His people. Ever since that time the struggle has continued to come up with a name for God.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 27 April 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 27 April 1966

QUESTION: What is the 28th., chapter of Ezekiel talking about?

ANSWER: Lucifer.

“The word of the lord came again unto me saying, son of man say unto the Prince of Tyrus, thus saith the Lord God; because thine heart is lifted up and thou hast said: I am a God, I sit in the seat of God in the midst of the seas, yet thou art a man and not God, thou hast set thine heart as the heart of God, behold thou art wiser than Daniel, there is no secret that can be hid from me.”

These words come when Tyre is a very wicked city and the king of Tyre is Lucifer. In other words, Lucifer is here incarnate at this time. Now Lucifer can be incarnate in many ways, and he was embodied in various periods of time. Here he was as the King of Tyre, and so Ezekiel was told to say to Lucifer the above things, then also to say:-

“With thy great wisdom and with thine understanding thou hast gotten thee riches, and has gotten gold and silver into thy treasures, by the greatness of thy wisdom and thy traffic, thou hast increased thy riches and thine heart is lifted up because of thy riches.”

Wednesday Night Bible Study 26 May 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 26 May 1966

QUESTION: Do we have a time table for the sinking of Atlantis, and the relationship to the coming of the white race?

ANSWER: The facts are sort of turbulent because the Continents did not sink all at once. In the areas of Lucifer’s being driven out of the heavens, and the areas of his battling and mongrelisation and mutations that were taking place in the earth, this situation existed for many thousands of years. But the actual sinking of Lemuria took place approximately 14,000 to probably 38,000 years B.C. actually, and this is how long it took for Lemuria to all go down section by section from one catastrophe to another. Some of the Islands were left as the final sinking occurred about 11,000 years before The Christ. And 11,000 years is also about right for the sinking of Atlantis. But of course the white race did not come from Atlantis or Lemuria.

In fact the Tungus people, the original creation, when God placed them in earth as men and women, they were somewhat Asiatic, or shall we say an Asiatic type. The Tungus people migrated out of Asia, migrated across Europe and on to Atlantis and Lemuria. They were the original people of earth. But during the period of Lucifer’s rebelling and being driven into earth he brought with him the Negroes, so the Negro was not on earth originally but were brought in here when Lucifer came. And he used them to intermingle and mongrelise the people of earth. The resulting conditions created by this work of Lucifer, created a pattern that was not good.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 24 June 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 24 June 1966

QUESTION: I have read that all Semites are not Israelites. That Gad, Asher, Dan, and Naphtali, were from servant girls and were not true Israelites. They were of mixed blood. How would that be reckoned?

ANSWER: This is not necessarily true. There are true Israelites. In fact, the tribe of Gad were the Romans. They were of the Lombards. And their skin is as white as anyone. There were many blonds as well as dark eyed Lombards. And they exist throughout all Italy. They are not as dark as some Italians, for there is a fusion of blood. But the true tribe of Gad is very, very white.

The question of Asher, Well, Asher is Sweden. And I think you would have a hard time proving that Asher wasn’t pure white, pure Israel. Even though they are confused today in the areas of their thinking and their politics, because a tremendous area of Socialism moved in, a lot of pressure has been put on them as they are trying to mongrelize Sweden and have brought in Negroes from areas of the British Colonies on some kind of an exchange operation. The true Swede is more or less staying clear of this although some are falling. We have the motion picture industry most forward in mixing the races anyhow. And today Sammy Davis Jr. is married to a Swedish girl and he talks about a polka dot child. But these are the kind that should be eliminated from the United States. But as far as Asher is concerned, Asher is true Israel.

Now, Dan is true Israel. Dan is not mixed up as other races. Early Dan went out to sea in ships. Dan was a seafaring nation and they did a lot of exploring. Then went up the Danube and the Deniper which have Dan’s name, as well as a lot of other places. In fact, the landing spot of Dan was in Denmark, or Dan’s land. They knew they were Israel and they have always held to the pattern of their identity. Very few Danes don’t know that they are Israel. So you have a pure stock there.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 November 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 November 1966

QUESTION: What is the meaning of the serpent flying around the staff?

ANSWER: You mean the caduceus?

QUESTION: Well, the snake is supposed to be the symbol of the Jews, so why did the doctors choose it?

ANSWER: No, the Jews did not have anything to do with the doctors choosing that symbol. Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness when the people were murmuring. But the people of Israel were not Jews. None of these in the wilderness were Jews except a few who came out of Egypt, the mixed multitude. But the Jews were never Israelites. So Moses was told to make a brass serpent and put it on a pole and those who saw it would be healed. This is its start. The medical profession has two serpents with wings wound around the pole, the wings on top. This winged serpent was a sign of the medical profession and it came from the sign of Moses and the serpent on the pole. The medical profession then just designed these two serpents for a sign of their profession. Yes, the Jews are in the medical profession, the medical association. The Jews control it. The Fishbines ran it for instance, but I understand today that a Jew does not head it anymore. And there has been a lot of kickback on the Fishbines. But the Jews had nothing to do with the selection of this sign.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 March 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 March 1966

QUESTION: Would you discuss the Sphinx?

ANSWER: The Sphinx is a symbolic Temple and it has its relationship to the Masonic Order. There are areas of Masonry that can tell you much about the Sphinx. We can cite that as far as the Builders of the Pyramid were concerned that they built the Sphinx first. Then they built the Great Pyramid after they had first built the Sphinx. The Builders of each were the people who lived in the city of ON. And of course the Temple of On and the people of On who were originally settled there were divided by 12 areas in which were allotted to them to live, each according to their time and their measure.

They then built the Sphinx before the Pyramid and the Sphinx was an Incumbent Lion (lying down) with a human head. It signified the recognition that the Lion of Tribe of Judah would be the ruler of the nations. Actually the other people of Egypt did not know what the Lion stood for, but the people who built it understood all the symbolism.

Never in all the areas of Egyptian history were the native Egyptians able to figure out the Lion, or understand what it represented. The symbol of the Mystery of the Pyramid has its sequel inside the Sphinx. There are 33 steps which lead down from the door in the front of the Sphinx. And there is an Amphitheatre that is held up with 10 Pillars.

And the 33 steps are also equivalent with the 33 years in the life of Christ, as well as the Amphitheatre with the 10 Pillars, and this door opens into a circular room, and it has 2 Pillars standing within it. This is equivalent to the 12 Tribes of Israel and their division. The builders of the Pyramid knew this when they built the Sphinx, and the Pyramid for the were one and the same Builders. (Ephraim and Manasseh were also symbolized here.)


Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 February 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 February 1966

QUESTION: I am searching for some kind of an interpretation of born of the water and of the spirit?

ANSWER: It seems that they were getting some kind of information that says this has something to do with baptism. This piece of scripture has nothing to do with baptism. In fact this is based on the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus (John 3). You will remember that Nicodemus was a teacher in charge of a phase of theological instruction in Judea. He was an Israelite and having heard of the teaching of Jesus he wanted to interview Him.

Also being a wise man he came to see Jesus at night, and this wasn’t cowardice on his part, but instead he was using a little discretion because as a doctor of theology, if he had come in the day time and interviewed Jesus and had accepted His doctrine before others heard it there might have some imputing of his right to teach. So for that reason then Nicodemus came to see Jesus at night and one of the most important things he asked Jesus was concerning how a man could enter into or participate in the Kingdom of heaven.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 15 June 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 15 June 1966

QUESTION: If the areas of the heavens are visible to the naked eye, then are any of the areas of the heavenlies or spiritual areas visible to the naked eye?

ANSWER: Well, this might seem a far fetched question but not quite as far out as you might think. We know that we do have one area of physical occupation of the earth for everything that God created, for He made it also in a physical creation, and this reaches out to the furthermost outskirts of the Universe into the sidereal systems, and the immensity where it was created out of the elements like that of earth. We have a spectroscopic analysis which takes the light rays from various suns and runs them through the spectroscopes and determines the chemicals, what they are made of.

And of course we have the spectroscope analysis of earth, but so far we haven’t come up with any new chemicals, but the entire Universe is made up of the same chemicals you have here in earth. These things are visible to the eye, and you can see the burning suns and look across the vastness of space and see these things. The MOST HIGH GOD has been creating for ages and ages, in fact there is no end, no period of time when HE WAS NOT CREATING for ages and ages, in fact there is no end. When John heard the sound of the trumpet and lifted up his head he heard these words: “I am Alpha and Omega, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, the first, the last” and now John fell on his face, but he described this Glory of the MOST HIGH GOD. Then he heard these words: “Stand on your feet John, you were not afraid when you walked with ME in Galilee.” But HE was ALPHA AND OMEGA the beginning and the end, and there was no one before HIM, for HE is GOD. YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.