New Ensign 126 February 2020

The Corona Virus and Other Woes


After a quiet start to the New Year, the enemy’s attacks are escalating. First the devastating fires in Australia, with smoke and ashes being lifted high up into the atmosphere, blocking the sun from parts of New Zealand, causing snow to fall in the midst of their summer!
Then there was another attempt to get WWIII going by the assassination of Iran’s top general, Qassem Soleimani. In retaliation the Iranians, struck a USA airbase. The death toll was a lot higher than admitted. The US did not counter attack, because the Iranian missile technology was superior. Further, Russian intelligence sources have confirmed that Michael D’ Andrea, the head of US intelligence operations against Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, has been killed in Taliban’s shoot-down of a US military plane in Ghazni.
On top of all this, another health scare is in the making, similar to the manufactured swine flu epidemic of some years ago. It is called Corona virus, which by-the-way, is patented by the USA Military, which started (released?) In Wuhan, China, home of the manufacturers of the UK’s 5G equipment! Probably it was no coincidence, that the virus struck on the Chinese New Year, when thousands of Chinese would be travelling abroad and so spread the virus!
Just as happened in the Swine Flu scare, the media is calling for all the stops to be pulled out to come up with a vaccine for this virus, which will be the real killer!
The other similarity, is the symptoms are almost the same to that of swine flu, that is, upper respiratory infection, chesty cold, running nose, sore throat. The effects are mild, but those with a weakened immune system it could be fatal. Such vague symptoms are designed to get people running to their doctors and possibly getting a fatal vaccination. In short the Corona Virus is a con virus!
All these woes are what the Scriptures have foretold, while it is rightly attributed to the enemy, it is Yahweh using the enemy to punish his people for not keeping to His Law. February this year contains an interesting date – 02-02-2002, 5 x 2 adding up to 10, the number of the 10 tribes. So could this be a turning point against the enemy. However, the times and seasons are in Yahweh’s hands and we give thanks and praise to Him for His continuing protection!!


The Editor –

New Ensign 126 February 2020
New Ensign 126 February 2020

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