Wednesday Night Bible Study 24 June 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 24 June 1966

QUESTION: I have read that all Semites are not Israelites. That Gad, Asher, Dan, and Naphtali, were from servant girls and were not true Israelites. They were of mixed blood. How would that be reckoned?

ANSWER: This is not necessarily true. There are true Israelites. In fact, the tribe of Gad were the Romans. They were of the Lombards. And their skin is as white as anyone. There were many blonds as well as dark eyed Lombards. And they exist throughout all Italy. They are not as dark as some Italians, for there is a fusion of blood. But the true tribe of Gad is very, very white.

The question of Asher, Well, Asher is Sweden. And I think you would have a hard time proving that Asher wasn’t pure white, pure Israel. Even though they are confused today in the areas of their thinking and their politics, because a tremendous area of Socialism moved in, a lot of pressure has been put on them as they are trying to mongrelize Sweden and have brought in Negroes from areas of the British Colonies on some kind of an exchange operation. The true Swede is more or less staying clear of this although some are falling. We have the motion picture industry most forward in mixing the races anyhow. And today Sammy Davis Jr. is married to a Swedish girl and he talks about a polka dot child. But these are the kind that should be eliminated from the United States. But as far as Asher is concerned, Asher is true Israel.

Now, Dan is true Israel. Dan is not mixed up as other races. Early Dan went out to sea in ships. Dan was a seafaring nation and they did a lot of exploring. Then went up the Danube and the Deniper which have Dan’s name, as well as a lot of other places. In fact, the landing spot of Dan was in Denmark, or Dan’s land. They knew they were Israel and they have always held to the pattern of their identity. Very few Danes don’t know that they are Israel. So you have a pure stock there.