Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 November 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 November 1966

QUESTION: What is the meaning of the serpent flying around the staff?

ANSWER: You mean the caduceus?

QUESTION: Well, the snake is supposed to be the symbol of the Jews, so why did the doctors choose it?

ANSWER: No, the Jews did not have anything to do with the doctors choosing that symbol. Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness when the people were murmuring. But the people of Israel were not Jews. None of these in the wilderness were Jews except a few who came out of Egypt, the mixed multitude. But the Jews were never Israelites. So Moses was told to make a brass serpent and put it on a pole and those who saw it would be healed. This is its start. The medical profession has two serpents with wings wound around the pole, the wings on top. This winged serpent was a sign of the medical profession and it came from the sign of Moses and the serpent on the pole. The medical profession then just designed these two serpents for a sign of their profession. Yes, the Jews are in the medical profession, the medical association. The Jews control it. The Fishbines ran it for instance, but I understand today that a Jew does not head it anymore. And there has been a lot of kickback on the Fishbines. But the Jews had nothing to do with the selection of this sign.