Apotheosis Of The Jew

(From British Union Quarterly, April/June 1937, pp. 45-54.)

By A K Chesterton

Some years ago I was present at a pantomime in which an incredibly dirty and unkempt beggar haunted one scene after another, receiving condescending kindness from the heroine, but from everybody else the disdain which his state appeared to warrant. Then, when the crisis of the play arrived, with the hero in direst need, there was a blinding flash which consumed the beggar’s rags and revealed him, bright-eyed, marcel haired, and in a suit of glittering armor, as no less a personage than our patron Saint—St. George for Merrie England. Gazing at the heroic figure thus disclosed I saw that his smug countenance was beyond all question Jewish. Here, expressed in unconscious symbolism, was indeed the apotheosis of the Jew. Continue reading “Apotheosis Of The Jew”