New Ensign 135 November 2020

Elizabeth II Dethroned?

The Queen opened Parliament twice in 2019, but on the last occasion, she was dressed down and not wearing the crown arriving in a car instead of the State horse drawn carriage. Other clues are that Buckingham Palace’s windows have been boarded up and guarded by Gurkhas, instead of the usual Royal Guards, albeit we are told that there is a major renovation of the Palace being undertaken which will last 10 years!

The Royal coat of arms has been removed from the Palace gates under the pretext that it was damaged by a lorry. This may well be true, but it could have been deliberate, evidently there has been no rush to repair it!

The Queen not having been seen in public of late is put down to her age and having caught Covid! However plausible the reasons given, we do have the evidence and confirmation in the 21st of January, 2020 EU Withdrawal Act which states that nothing will impinge on the Sovereignty of Parliament. There can be only one Sovereign. So we see here that the UK Parliament – The Commons has aggregated all power unto itself, having removed the Monarch and having emasculated the House of Lords by removing their last vestige of power as the highest court in the land which now resides in the Ministry of (in)Justice.

We are seeing a repeat, albeit under the guise of covid, of what happened in the interregnum between the English revolution and the restoration of the Monarchy. The House of Commons had the then King Charles I murdered, abolished the House of Lords and expelled from their own House those whose views were contrary to the Cabal’s plans for arbitrary power.

They were known as the Rump Parliament, a derogatory term meaning a rotten piece of left over meat! The similarity does not stop there. There was an Admiral Trump in the United States (the Low Countries then) who Parliament did battle with and was their undoing.
Could it be that Yahweh is using the enemy to clean house ready for the imminent return of His Son, The King of Kings, to sit on David’s throne in the midst of His People (the real Jerusalem). Praise Yahweh!!

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New Ensign 135 November 2020
New Ensign 135 November 2020

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