New Ensign 123 November 2019

The Brexit Circus Continues

As we go to press, its not looking good for the UK exiting EU on the 31st of October. Its on the cards that yet another date will be set for the UK exit!
During the last week of October, Ole Dammagard warned of clues left by the enemy of 39 terror attacks over Europe – An Atomic disaster in the north of Sweden, as well as attacks in Manchester, London, Paris and in the Netherlands. Nothing transpired, which was as a result of sending this warning viral – they don’t like having the spotlight shone on them.
Again we have the video from a German who predicted the fall of the Twin Towers, from clues in cartoons. He now predicts that the Seattle Space Tower will be destroyed on the 3rd of November, this year. Again if it is widely publicised, the enemy will think twice before proceeding! This video can be seen HERE

The financial system is in turmoil, with China refusing to accept American Dollars. They have also set up their own “Swift” payment system.
The Lebanon have closed their banks which is on the verge of going bankrupt.
President Trump, has caused consternation in the Middle East and Israel in particular, having said that he will withdraw all USA troops from that area.
While everyone is distracted with Brexit and other issues, the deadly 5G, is being rolled out apace across the whole of the UK, and many other countries around the world. However many authorities are questioning the safety of 5G, but the members don’t have much control over their officers.
We are living in tumultuous times, or as some say interesting times, the white Caucasians have declined dramatically, to a point where they can’t replace themselves! All this seems to point to the near return of Christ. Praise Yahweh!. May he come soon!!!

New Ensign 123 November 2019
New Ensign 123 November 2019

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