Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 March 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 16 March 1966

QUESTION: Would you discuss the Sphinx?

ANSWER: The Sphinx is a symbolic Temple and it has its relationship to the Masonic Order. There are areas of Masonry that can tell you much about the Sphinx. We can cite that as far as the Builders of the Pyramid were concerned that they built the Sphinx first. Then they built the Great Pyramid after they had first built the Sphinx. The Builders of each were the people who lived in the city of ON. And of course the Temple of On and the people of On who were originally settled there were divided by 12 areas in which were allotted to them to live, each according to their time and their measure.

They then built the Sphinx before the Pyramid and the Sphinx was an Incumbent Lion (lying down) with a human head. It signified the recognition that the Lion of Tribe of Judah would be the ruler of the nations. Actually the other people of Egypt did not know what the Lion stood for, but the people who built it understood all the symbolism.

Never in all the areas of Egyptian history were the native Egyptians able to figure out the Lion, or understand what it represented. The symbol of the Mystery of the Pyramid has its sequel inside the Sphinx. There are 33 steps which lead down from the door in the front of the Sphinx. And there is an Amphitheatre that is held up with 10 Pillars.

And the 33 steps are also equivalent with the 33 years in the life of Christ, as well as the Amphitheatre with the 10 Pillars, and this door opens into a circular room, and it has 2 Pillars standing within it. This is equivalent to the 12 Tribes of Israel and their division. The builders of the Pyramid knew this when they built the Sphinx, and the Pyramid for the were one and the same Builders. (Ephraim and Manasseh were also symbolized here.)