New Ensign 136 December 2020

Covid = Communism

As we go to press, it is becoming patently obvious that the plandemic hoax is all about rolling out the Satanic so-called “utopian” Communist N-W-O, where all, after the population cull, will be corralled into “Smart” cities, where travel will be prohibited without a permit.

Wearing a mask (change the “s” to “r”and we get mark) is indicating your compliance with the beast system or Babylon whose HQ is in that square mile known as the City (of London) that controls most of the world’s currencies.
Even the boxes of masks imported from India via China, state that they do not protect the wearer from cv-19, but they do deprive the wearer of oxygen. Long term wearing can cause serious lung and brain damage, which of course will be blamed on covid.

One must be especially careful to avoid tests for CV (which have been proved to be fraudulent), especially where a tube is put up the nose and can enter the brain. this is a means of covertly delivering a vaccine together with nanno-bots. Such have been discovered on swabs. There have been several reports of perfectly well people having become ill once tested. Also reports have been received of cerebral leakage where the prod has been pushed too far up the nose!
It should be noted that cattle are often injected through a tube pushed up the nose. It is therefore no surprise that they are doing the very same thing to us! The enemy just regards us as cattle to be milked and killed for their profit!

The reader is directed to page 22 of this magazine where the Biderman report of 1956 on Communist brainwashing techniques to gain compliance of a population that has been taken over. You will see how remarkably similar these are to the covid restrictions. This should ring alarm bells with those who have been complacent and followed the Government’s unlawful directives to date! Indeed we are beginning to see a growing awareness.

Praise Yahweh for this and we look forward to his empowering of his people especially Jacob and Joseph who will burn up the tares, once we have enquired of Him and repented of our evil ways!!!

New Ensign 136 December 2020
New Ensign 136 December 2020

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