New Ensign 173 January 2024

Wishing You a Happy and Resilient New Year!

WHILE MANY ARE PREDICTING 2024 as a year of doom and gloom, the New Ensign sees glimmers of light appearing as we begin to exit the dark tunnel of tyranny and evil. However, we have to be resilient and sufficiently prepared to be able to withstand the enemy’s last onslaught in its death throws.

Maintaining a positive state of mind, free of fear and knowing who the real enemy is, is 90% of winning the battle. The readers of this magazine are well aware of this, so also is the enemy, hence the constant output of fear mongering from their MSM.

In these dark days it is most import that we form local networks with our kinsmen outside of local authority control, which after all, is just a branch of central government or what the Scriptures refer to as the beast system!

We the Adamite/Nordic/Aryan race were once dominant across the whole of the Northern Hemisphere and much of the rest of the world bringing beauty, well being and prosperity. It was always the aim of this race to leave the world a better place than when it first arrived!

Brushing away the cobwebs of falsified history a picture is emerging of a vast area ruled not centrally, but locally, under what would be described as Common Law and therefore with no need for a parasitical bureaucracy destroying real resources. The other races lived in harmony but separately from the dominant Adamites, That is, until Satan’s children, who have masqueraded under various names, decided to grab this prosperity for themselves.

This was done by dividing the huge expanse into artificial areas and calling them nations and empires, then through the Silk Route merchants. the Kings’ borders became franchise areas who received commission on goods sold in their territories. Down the centuries the word race was redefined to mean area of birth rather than tribal origin. If there were to be an English, French, German, Swedish and Russian man, in similar uniform standing together one could only identify them as Caucasian but if a Chinaman or Negro was in the group – they could be picked out. In other words the enemy has taught our great tribe – HIS PEOPLE to hate one another more than the real enemy! His people are starting to wake up to reality, the veil is being lifted. Praise Yahweh!!

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New Ensign 173 January 2024
New Ensign 173 January 2024

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