New Ensign 133 September 2020

Deafening Silence From The Pulpits

While there has been a great push against the Covid 19 (Certificate of Vaccination ID). The majority of the churches remain silent, even to the extent of acting as enforcers for the occupying power that has usurped authority from the Western once sovereign Christian nations. It is saddening to hear even of the few churches in the UK preaching the Identity message are acting in a similar manner. Reports are circulating that a well known BI Minister went into a great rage because one of his congregation was not wearing a face mask!

Whilst wolves in sheep’s clothing have been leading their flocks to the slaughter, it has been mainly the non church going people of Christendom who have been exposing the scams of the ruling elite, to such an extent that they went into panic mode. One such was Ole Dammegard, who has been studying false flag operations for many years, identified from the clues they always leave behind, 7 huge terrorist outrages planned on a scale of 911 in different parts of Europe. Because Ole had spread these planned terrorist events far and wide. They had no option but to cancel them. Consequently an urgent summit was called at NATO HQ of all European defence ministers, where it was decided that the world had to be put under a curfew in order to curtail the exposure of the N-W-O’s take-over plans. Hence the Covid 19 pandemic was implemented sooner than planned
Because by this means and with the vast amount of brainwashing through the controlled media, the lock-down would be accepted for fear of the deadly invisible virus that had all of a sudden spread world wide, just like they had watched in the horror movies!

When a beast is cornered it can be very dangerous, therefore it is necessary to remain vigilant and keep our thoughts on Yahweh the protector of true Israel. He has promised if we seek him, repent and return to the LAW which is the WORD He will intervene in our day of trouble. Praise Yahweh!!


The Editor –

New Ensign 133 September 2020
New Ensign 133 September 2020

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