New Ensign 134 October 2020

State Oppression is Being Ramped up to an Alarming Degree

The UK Government has now imposed a limit of not more than 6 people gathering in a household with pubs being ordered to close at 10pm. The PM, Boris Johnson, is also talking of bringing in the army to assist the police in enforcing their “guidelines” in respect of social distancing, mask wearing and curfews etc.

In other parts of the world, such as Melbourne, brute force is being used to enforce the lock-down and mask wearing. Melbourne has a large Jewish population and its police has and is being trained by Mossad which will explain the thuggery that has manifest itself in that once peaceful city.
Its not all doom and gloom as in many areas of the world successful push-backs are occurring. In some states of the USA the police are siding with the patriots. The international financiers were unable to bribe the President of Belarus to lock-down and thereby destroy he country’s economy.

Good news also in this country, a subscriber to this magazine is preparing is an affidavit template for use by the readers of this magazine who may have received fines, or summons for contravening unlawful statutes – all acts of parliament have to be compatible with the Common Law.
It is planned to publish the full template in the next edition of this Magazine complete with a guide on how to serve it. By using this method it will avoid expensive legal fees, save for a £5 charge for the affidavit oath to be witnessed by a Notary Republic.

The State can get away with acting unlawfully, because it knows that it can rely on the ignorance of the vast majority of the population. For this reason none of the many successes of those who have won their cases in the unlawful administrative courts aren’t published in the MSM press because they don’t want others to get similar ideas, that would turn into an avalanche of truth that would overwhelm and destroy the enemy’s corrupt and satanic system.

The destruction of the tares is nearing – Praise Yahweh!!!!

New Ensign 134 October 2020
New Ensign 134 October 2020

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