Wednesday Night Bible Study 30 November 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 30 November 1966

QUESTION: Leviticus 18:21. Who is Molech?

ANSWER: He was a fallen Angel, a war god. But human sacrifices were poured out to Molech to keep him from bringing punishment, revenge, from Lucifer back upon the people. When they didn’t worship Lucifer then Molech would punish them, so with living sacrifices they would pacify Molech who would pass it on to Lucifer.

QUESTION: I was thinking. If people everywhere were to die, then why did early church people pray that people live until Christ came?

ANSWER: I am not sure that they did. In other words, as far as everyone dying, they have accepted this down through the years and they die. but I don’t know that they prayed this at any particular period of time. We at the end of the age might pray this as we would like to see Christ come at this hour. In fact, unless they are elderly people then most will make it anyhow. But as to the scriptural position there is no known necessity from the standpoint of condemnation of people dying since Christ raised from the dead. “As from one man came death, by another came Life.” But the pattern is that people accept death and then as they finally accept they pass on.

QUESTION: I remember reading years ago that no one passes on until they accept it.