Our Mission is to awaken the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples to their true identity as Yahweh’s chosen people through improved biblical exegesis and re-examination of ancient historical records. Consequently, we would welcome feedback including queries and discussion. In fact, this publication has been launched by popular demand in response to the suppression of informed debate in certain identity circles and subsequent closed doors.

At every opportunity, we shall attest to the exclusivity of the true Israel peoples. We Israelites are unique and the very nature of that uniqueness is imprinted upon our DNA at conception [Gen 17 verses 5 &15]. Understanding our own identity is not an optional extra rather it is crucial to our continued survival. It is no coincidence that every aspect of our national and personal life is under attack by those who oppose us and seek to assume our inheritance.

We will also continue to publish items of history which are not to be found in most history books which demonstrate the machinations of our ancient enemy working within and controlling all the modern Israelite nations of the west. Many personalities regarded as heroes today turn out, on closer examination, to have been traitors. Our people have been conditioned to focus on “isms”, not race. This fact has enabled the enemy to rapidly progress our destruction.

Forthcoming editions, will continue to analyse the scams and hoaxes being perpetrated against our people such as Global Warming, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and other scaremongering tactics. We plan to reveal in our section on health how vaccines are the real weapons of mass destruction, citing works of those courageous members of the medical profession who are prepared to speak out against Big Pharma and population reduction programmes.

We will not shirk from presenting and discussing controversial viewpoints. Rather we seek to inform and alert so that the reader may recognize the many different manipulation and control strategies employed against us and in so doing, resist the forces of darkness and occupy till He comes’.