New Ensign 151 March 2022

Another Great Distraction
The Russian-Ukrainian Border War


The Ukrainian war is now dominating the headlines of Main Stream Media instead of Covid! This is not surprising, since the scamdemic narrative is falling apart caused by the exposure of their lies about the jab’s efficacy

Instead of protecting people the jab has caused a huge number of deaths and even greater numbers of adverse reactions, not to mention thousands of highly qualified medical practitioners having spoken out about the dangers of the CV at great risk to their lives and careers.

The growing understanding worldwide of government criminality consequent to the manufactured pandemic causing the ruination of so many businesses, not to mention the misery caused to bereaved families from the poison, so just like a conjurer focusing his audiences eyes on his right hand to distract from what he is doing with his left. It is no doubt this is the reason that BoJo, Prime Minister of the UK stated that he will allow all remaining temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act to expire on 25 March 2022 as written in the Act. This date containing the Skull and Bones number 322!

Its probably no coincidence that controversial Met Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, was sacked for allowing Hammersmith Police to issue a crime number following a complaint of named people being responsible for the administration of a poisonous substance designed to harm.

The enemy is running scarred of the consequences of its crimes, hence the sacking of Cressida Dick, and change of narrative to Russia and the Ukraine.

Although the enemy has been wrong footed, we must brace ourselves for even harder times ahead, but a glimmer of light can be seen at the end of the tunnel! Praise Yahweh!!

The Editor

New Ensign 151 March 2022
New Ensign 151 March 2022

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