New Ensign 170 October 2023

The Lull Before The Storm and The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

While in a period of relatively tranquility, at the moment, save for the MSM’s usual distractions, information is coming in from various reliable sources that a major assault of catastrophic proportions is in preparation. Initially, in all likely hood involving deaths of school children which won’t be through contagion followed by many more deaths!

Sources in the USA say that under the guise of a national emergency a test alert will be transmitted across North America and possibly worldwide using a high energy pulse which will reach all communication devises whether switched on or off, which will trigger a reaction in those jabbed or who have ingested graphine-oxide through food, water or air. This signal will turn such people into Zombies who will then attack the none injected.

Dates being banded about are the 4th October, 24th and early November.
Bear in mind too, the old ditty: Remember, remember, gunpowder, treason and plot. Note the two remembers. Are we approaching the second remembrance??

Further credence is available on line by looking at the Deagel Corporation’s future population predictions, which has ties to the CIA, shows in 2014 that the U.S. would lose 68.5 percent of its population by the end of 2025; the UK. would lose over 75 percent and most Western European nations would also lose 30 to 50 percent.

Please bear in mind this is not a definite prediction, Scriptures say, it is the watchman’s duty to pass the warning onto his people, otherwise the blood will be on his head.

It has happened before, a warning has been given and the enemy has backed off or delayed his attack to discredit the messenger, so when the next warning is given – its the crying wolf too often scenario! It will be more than pleasing if nothing happens or is delayed giving more time for preparation, Such will be well worth it in anticipation of a possible deluge of angry letters!

A video on this subject is available as an interview with David Adelman. HERE.

Scriptures confirm, Yahweh with His people will prevail over the enemy!!

The Editor(

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This magazine is for private subscription only
and is not in any way connected to The Ensign
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New Ensign 170 October 2023
New Ensign 170 October 2023

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