New Ensign 132 August 2020

The Attack on Christianity Accelerates


Joseph of Arimathea, Buried in Britain

Britain which had a Christian Church as early as AD 35, is now under severe attack with worship prohibited under the guise of a planndemic. Never before has public worship been banned by decree in the UK.
It is probably no coincidence that the ban came into force just in time for the Passover (wrongly called Easter) celebrating the miraculous exit of true Israel from bondage in Egypt.

In days gone by this would have been impossible, However, over centuries the modern Sadducees have infiltrated all denominations, and led their congregations into the fold of the Edomite wolves. Hence there was not a whisper of revolt to the unlawful lock-down decree. Although churches are now allowed to open, but with such draconian restrictions imposed that meaningful worship is impossible. News has reached us that a church in central London, that professes to teach the Identity message, has installed surveillance cameras to save the police time monitoring compliance!

In the current situation, Yahweh is no doubt bringing punishment on his people for disobeying His Law in that we have allowed the alien to have rule over us. In so doing discarding His Law for Babylonian law, whilst at the same time accepting their false weights and measures in the form of fiat debt note currency.Yahweh did not ordain mob rule in the guise of democracy for his people, but rule through the sceptre tribe of Judah under His Law with the tribe of Levi in support as priests (civil service and army commanders). They can be recognised through heraldry today by one of their symbols – the 3 turrets, 3 as Levi was the third son.
We are no doubt living in the days, where the Scriptures say, “that unless those days are shortened, no flesh will be left alive.” We are required to repent and turn from our evil ways and enquire of Yahweh and He will hear. Praise Yahweh!!

The Editor –

New Ensign 132 August 2020
New Ensign 132 August 2020

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