New Ensign 172 December 2023

Christmas Will Soon be Upon Us

While those in the Identity Movement are fully aware of the Satanic origins of the current festive season. Nevertheless its a time to take advantage of, to renew ties with one’s family, friends and not to forget old acquaintances.

The one thing the enemy hates most is, people grouping together outside of their control or not being entertained by their media outlets. In the past local communities would gather in pubs and churches on Sundays which were clearing houses for news and information.

In days gone bye, in the not too distance past, one would seek and give directions by pubs and churches! Christmas is the main opportunity left now to gather in this holiday is common throughout Christendom which circles the whole of the northern hemisphere. “Zion in the sides of the North!!”

It’s always been a surprise as to how Christians of the recent past didn’t discern the Satanic symbolism woven into the Christmas Story. One would have thought that the fact, Santa is an anagram of Satan, wears red, and comes down the chimney, where the fire is. It takes place on a day leaving 6 days left in the year. 666 being the number of the beast. Christmas is on 12/25 (USA date forma) 1225 = 35 x 35 = 1225 Satan = 35 Baphomet = 35.

Now it can be seen even the smallest element of Christianity is now being removed from Christmas. Rarely on display now are the nativity scenes in high street department stores and elsewhere, but more and more on show is the heathen Edomite Hanukah while the streets are festooned with lit up Edomite 5 pointed stars!

Identity Christians take solace in the fact that this heathen festival takes place in the darkest part of the year, at least in the northern area of the planet reminding us of the saying the darkest part of night is before the dawn of a new day!

Also to be looked forward to is the restoration of the Hebrew Calendar where New Year’s Day starts at the Spring Equinox when everything is springing into life

Whilst everyone is focused on preparations for Christmas, the enemy will no doubt be plotting his next move. It’s therefore necessary to use this short period of respite to strengthen our defences and ties with one another in order to stand and occupy in preparation for that great day of Yahweh., Which will soon will be upon us!

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New Ensign 172 December 2023
New Ensign 172 December 2023

December 2023 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

New Ensign 153 May 2022

Proxy War in Ukraine Hotting Up

Left: A Ukrainian serviceman fires a British-supplied NLAW anti-tank weapon. © AP / Vadim Ghirda

There is currently much disinformation regarding the Ukraine, but by comparing independent reports and from contacts in the area, it is possible to get a semblance of what is really going on.

While the Western press is reporting the Russians in retreat having suffered heavy losses, the opposite is the reality.

NATO is busy replenishing manpower and weapons contrary to the Minsk Treaty. Boris let slip during a visit to India that Russia might win, of course this was not widely reported in the MSM!

Russia warned America and Europe and Boris in particular, that if they persisted in using British and NATO forces in the Ukraine, they would be playing with fire! Indeed, that is precisely what happened. On Saturday 16th March, Easter weekend, strange fires and fireballs in the sky started being reported. A huge fire with explosions was reported. Causing the closure of the M4 for most of the day. The official version of the fire was that it was caused by a fireworks store near Newbury catching fire.

The only problem with this is that there is no record of a fireworks store near Newbury and the fire was to the North of the M4. However, in the near vicinity is RAF Welford with the second largest store of munitions in Europe.


More recently, fireballs have been seen along the Welsh border area close to the Hereford SAS HQ and Shrewsbury area with a strange fire at Silsden Hill Farm in Yorkshire, not far from the UK’s Missile defence radars. Source

News is coming in that during Boris’s recent visit to the Ukraine to order Zelensky not to negotiate a cease fire with the Russians, provided Zelensky, his family and staff with British passports – another indication of lack of confidence in the Ukraine winning the war!

A subscriber to this magazine, reported that at a tea and coffee morning, where 2 Ukrainian refugees were welcomed, the attendees were gob-smacked when they said they were escaping from the Ukrainian Government and hoped the Russians would win! Praise Yahweh, the truth is slowly getting out!!

The Editor

New Ensign 153 May 2022
New Ensign 153 May 2022

May 2022 issue of The New Ensign Magazine. 40pp PDF

The Lisbon Treaty – Extended Editorial

2019 – The Lisbon Treaty Extended Editorial

Above a picture from a Sputnik article on Brexit – Click here for source article confirming a member of the Brexit, e-mail list’s statement that the Brexit Negotiations are being strung out on purpose up to 2020 when the Lisbon Treaty kicks in, which makes it impossible for any EU nation state to leave!!

To the right of Big Ben, can be seen Portcullis House, where besides other uses, the main being thrashing out directives from the City of London to its Brussels office. Continue reading “The Lisbon Treaty – Extended Editorial”