New Ensign 177 May 2024

Remaining Focused

True Israel scattered round the world is today being overwhelmed with bad news, projected over the controlled media with new wars or rumours of war popping up in endless succession, not to mention horrific terrorist attacks, many being stage mannaged, all this has the desired affect of causing many of his people to lose focus on reality and stray from the path Yahweh has set them on!

Nevertheless, many have now ditched their TV and daily newspaper and left the controlled church denominations that will only tell their congregations what the government allows them to! However, Yahweh’s requires that we do not neglect to assemble ourselves together. This is what people are now starting to do, praise Yahweh! This must be encouraged to the point where government appointed local authorities become an irrelevance, where the community (parish) are self-governing under Yahweh’s Law, which is fixed, but rules can be made, with common consent, provided they don’t infringe the Law of Yahweh.

This was how it was in the days of merry England, which the enemy refers to as the dark ages, because they weren’t making money from usury,which was forbidden. The church was the community and administrative centre for the parish, also it was both a healing and centre of good quality entertainment. It bonded the community together, with strength to withstand alien incursions.

In the time of the apostles the churches were separate and not under a central administration, and they differed in their approaches, some good some bad. In contrast the enemy, for ease of management, wants everyone to act and think the same.

The enemy is in panic mode, for it knows its time is short, as more and more people are waking up to the fact we being governed by an alien force and that our politicians are no more than puppets! Praise Yahweh!


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New Ensign 177 May 2024
New Ensign 177 May 2024

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