New Ensign 150 February 2022

A Tactical Retreat?

Bojo Announces the Lifting of Covid Restrictions. Including the Halting of the Vaccination and Passport Requirements.
While the lifting of covid restrictions will be good news to many, it is most likely this is just a tactical retreat!

Many readers will be well aware that both here and in Europe, including many other countries, high powered legal challenges are under way against named persons in Government and the medical mafia, citing conspiracy to kill and injure.

Many highly qualified medical staff, both private and those in the National Health Service, have spoken out against malpractice and tyrannical treatment of covid patients.

The crumbling of the covid passport and vaccination agenda, may well be the next step to bring in global governance. When the dangerous nature of the c-vaccines having caused thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands adverse reactions in the UK alone become public knowledge, this could well cause people to rise up and topple the puppet governments worldwide, so doing the work of the globalists.

These uprisings will most probably be led by agents of The New World Order, who will be accepted as leaders! Once in power, they will remove their masks, then it will be too late for people to escape their entrapment and with the opposition quashed, they will be free to implement their draconian passport and other controls!

Yahweh, however, says their plans will come to naught, once His people have been chastened for forsaking His law. Hopefully the day in which the enemy will be totally destroyed, foretold by Obadiah, will soon be here. Praise Yahweh.

The Editor

New Ensign 150 February 2022
New Ensign 150 February 2022

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