New Ensign 179 July 2024

The Countdown

Since the May issue of this magazine, the continuing nudging and innuendoes of further pandemics starting to rear their ugly heads, promulgated by the MSM, such as bird flu, fowl pest, e-coli and variants of the covid virus. Where it was speculated that another plandemic lock-down could have been on June 6, the anniversary of D Day.

However, by their own mouth, in the person of a high-up WHO official, it was admitted recently, that implementation of the WHO plan to secure the globe from future pandemics had been hindered by disinformation and terrorism, which term covers everything from anti-vaxxers to 15 min. cities! Hopefully, this will encourage people to resist even more the tyranny which is upon us!

This is all tied to project of getting everyone onto digital currency, which of course won’t be possible while people have access to food outside of the supermarket system and other controlled outlets. Hence the huge attacks on farming, small holders and fishing. The next plandemic, will no doubt be an excuse to further decimate food supplies, because if people have access to their own food, it will be able to survive outside of the digital nightmare.

The window of opportunity of getting our act together, by forming resilient communities, is growing smaller by the day. Nonetheless, there are alternative groups arising in the fields of alternative health, community food growing and Law.

Law is particularly important, as in the past civilisations have perished because they became lawless. In the Scriptures, Nineveh is a good example, when Jonah warned that severe judgment was about to be poured out on them by Yahweh, they repented and started keeping the law and they were saved. Not by going to church and having a revival as our modern evangelical church leaders would say.

It is necessary to obey Yahweh’s Law rather than
that of the King, if it differs from the Divine, by doing this, He will protect His people from this time of Jacobs trouble that is upon us now in full measure. Praise Yahweh!!

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New Ensign 179 July 2024
New Ensign 179 July 2024

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