One thought on “Willie Martin 2”

  1. Greetings… I have several questions l hope you can clear up for me.
    Where have all of Willie’s prolific writings and materials gone?
    Is there some fellow named Seth who has it on his website?
    but l have forgotten the name of it. Also how do finish reading Kennedy’s article(s)?
    Last one… Cliff had written an article with something to do with the Edomites and the church and basically, keep your hands off them for some unknown reason. He found out it was a scribal error due to the fact that in Hebrew the word (Edomite(s) was almost written identical as another ethnic group, maybe the Egyptians or some other nation, or ethnicity. He (Cliff) showed both Hebrew words, side- by -side . This demonstrated how easily that mistake could have happened. Do you remember that fine article
    Or do you think I’ve been out in the sun to long
    without water?I would truly appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction despite the poor explanation l have given. l so want to read that article. l remember buying a pamphlet about this specific article
    many blue moons ago.
    Yah bless

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