New Ensign 156 August 2022


A Portent For The Demise of England?


Was the opening ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham on 27th of July a coded warning of what the enemy is planning for England, just like the dancing nurses at the opening of London Olympic Games was signalling the Covid19 plandemic?
Readers of this magazine will be well aware that The bull is symbolic of Ephraim (England) and to emphasise the point, the games are taking place in Birmingham, the very centre of England. England’s nickname comes to mind – John Bull!!

Of course, to date, the Edomites have not been successful in building a Temple on the site of the Dome of The Rock, in fulfilment of their false prophecy interpretations spread among Judaeo Christians.

It is noteworthy that it is a bull that is being sacrificed, not a red heifer as per Numbers 19:1–11, as a sin sacrifice. Yashua was the perfect and final sacrifice. To do so again would be gross blasphemy.
This makes the ceremony even more poignant as it is a bull rather than a heifer, leaving no doubt that is Ephraim, England, which is being depicted.

Biblically, His people are the Temple and Metaphorically referred to Jerusalem, just as we say today, London or Washington said this or that!

Prior to the ceremony there were press clips showing Boris Johnson leading a red bull with a rope tether into a pen to further subliminally ram home the bull’s identity. See

In Hebrew the tether is called Isis, which so happens to be another name for the river Thames running through the usurping power’s capital, namely the City of London.

This tethering Heraldically is represented by the Unicorn, a bull, which is on the Royal coat of arms which significantly is chained with a crown indicating England’s sovereignty is restricted by another power.

It has been mentioned in previous articles of this magazine, that the enemy has always let people know in advance of it plans, although in a coded form. This is of course speculation! It is Yahweh who controls times and seasons. Praise Yahweh!

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New Ensign 156 August 2022
New Ensign 156 August 2022

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