New Ensign 165 May 2023

The Coronation of King Charles III This Month

Even before the crowning of King Charles III on May 6th there is much controversy surrounding the event, not least of which, is the wording of the coronation oath. Following inquiries to The Duke of Norfolk and the Archbishop of Canterbury on this matter the oath to be sworn by Charles has so far not been divulged.

Controversy over the Oath arose after difficulty in getting a copy of the one signed by the late Queen. When eventually a copy was obtained, it was discovered that the Queen had signed the top of the document with an underline which in law would mean everything below the line was not agreed to! A further copy of the oath was obtained indicating the line underneath had been tampered with to make it look part of the signature.

Not only that, since the last coronation, Westminster Abbey has been available as a mosque for the local Imam to call his flock to prayer!

There have been doubts expressed about the validity of the present royals since Queen Victoria as Prince Albert was unable to sire children. Her offspring were likely to stem from the Rothschilds, with its consequent impact on other European monarchies as well!

Prince Charles is a great supporter of Islam and facilitated the building of Regents Park Mosque, of course Islam is a Jewish secret construct. No coincidence then, Saturday being a Jewish Sabbath – 6th day of the week and month = 66 or 6 x 11 (the number of Gog). The execution of Charles Ist was the start of the Jewish Amsterdam bankers taking control away from the monarchy perhaps the accession of Charles III will mark their demise!! Praise Yahweh, for only he knows the beginning from the end!!

The Editors

New Ensign 165 May 2023
New Ensign 165 May 2023

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