New Ensign 175 March 2024

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The Enemy Is in Turmoil as Another Rothschild Falls off His Perch

The Rothschild family announced on 26th Feb 2024, that Jacob Rothschild had passed away, however, no mention of the actual date he died was given. At about the same time an unusual parade of 3 horses, one white and two black, were seen riding down the Mall,

It would seem this event was associated with the death of Lord Rothschild. There were 2 black horses and their riders in black uniform with one carrying a furled standard in black while the rider on the white horse was wearing a red uniform holding a dipped black flag in his right hand.

The white horse would represent the monarch, while the red coat, Esau/Edom. The dipped black flag in honour of Jacob Rothschild who was the real head of the British/City of London worldwide Empire, whose family having taken full control of the British Monarch’s assets, when Britain went bankrupt in the early 1800’s. Collectively, the 3 horses represent the 3 world control centres – London, Rome and Washington DC.

The black and white horses represent the “Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil,” symbolically planted in the 64 acres of the financial centre of the City,

Its difficult to know what’s really going on behind the scenes at the top while being fed a daily dose pantomime as EU and USA officials panic over the deteriorating situations in the Ukraine and the Middle East.

While events are not going to plan as the Elite would like, the enemy is becoming more and more dangerous. We must therefore keep focused on Yahweh, not on the beast system’s pronouncements, as many of our people did when they became involved in its med

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New Ensign 175 March 2024
New Ensign 175 March 2024

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