New Ensign 178 June 2024

Are You Ready?

The proverbial man on the street, is generally totally unaware of what is really going on behind the scenes as he is kept memorised by the pantomimes presented by main stream media! He thinks things are slowly returning to normal after the plandemic.

This is far from reality, although the enemy’s timescale is not running to schedule, as many patriots have thwarted their plans. Sources say another lockdown has been set for June 6, this year or a date in July, but of course this may be delayed as well. A subscriber to this magazine, said an official notice had been placed on a UK government website warning people to stock up on food sufficient for at least 3 days!

As reported earlier in this magazine the UK is already at war with Russia, as confirmed by Andrew Bridegen MP recently in a short video clip. Rishi Sunak stated that he did not want to be a war time PM, hence the rushed UK General Election, unusually during the holiday season. Not only that, many MPs have already resigned as writs are being prepared against them in respect of the deaths and injuries caused by the cv vaccine. The rats are deserting the ship!

Hardly noticed, is the continued attack on our food supply, with farmers being squeezed on prices and land requisitioned for building, besides the difficulty in planting this year due to flooded fields, or crops already planted rotting in the ground.

The enemy has upped the levels of contamination of food, water and the air we breathe. According to Mark Steele, an electronic warfare expert, the pulsed radiation beams emitted from radar speeding and pollution cameras have a lethal potential. Now the street lampposts have been weaponised to relay 5G and other frequencies, including arrays of cameras, LIFI from the LED lights enabling interiors of buildings to be spied upon!

Yahweh is revealing the secrets of his enemies to us, who with his Power will be overcome. Praise Yahweh!!


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New Ensign 178 June 2024
New Ensign 178 June 2024

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