New Ensign 139 March 2021

The Rise of New Diseases is a Cover for Poisoning

Disease has been used by the enemy to attack true Israel down through the centuries. In most cases disease is a consequence of poisoning. Many Monarchs and world leaders have been removed by sophisticated poisoning, so their deaths go down in history as being from natural causes.

In the book “The Black Death” by Rosemary Horrex, even the plague was attributed to the poisoning of water supplies. This modus operandi became much easier when Louis Pasteur published his germ theory paper. Although shown to be incorrect by a number of prominent scientists at that time. Nevertheless, Pasteur’s ideas had traction with the medical profession of the day, because he was backed with enormous sums of Rockefeller money who had his eyes on the vast amount of money to be made from medicines and vaccination to keep people “safe” from invisible germs.

Over past decades “germs” and “Viruses” have been used as cover for covert attacks on Israel in the west – i.e. the Spanish flu in the early 1900’s caused by the rollout of the electric grid and high powered radio broadcasting transmitters, while the “cure” that is, mass vaccination of the populace increased the death toll considerably!

The same scam has been used to attack our food supply, such as Mad Cow disease, foot and mouth disease and fowl pest. See article on page 33 of this issue where the late Mark Purdey, describes at length, how, the so-called disease was a consequence of organo-phosphorus poisoning coupled with food additives, particularly using rendered dead animals in the feed for cows which are herbivores!

Today, this scam is a lot easier to work, because now-a-days nearly every home has a TV, which is used to hypnotise people and affect their minds through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Scalar wave technology which can implant thoughts into people’s minds which they think are their own. This is why many can’t understand why, despite warning of the dangers of vaccines, relatives and friends ignore the advice and go ahead and take it nevertheless!!

New Ensign 139 March 2021
New Ensign 139 March 2021

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