Wednesday Night Bible Study 28 September 1966

Wednesday Night Bible Study 28 September 1966

QUESTION: Is there any Judah blood still left in the Jews?

ANSWER: In the first place Judah blood was not in the Jews. There is only three places in the Old Testament where the word ‘Jew’ is used. This is Yehudin and they were referred to, or they used this because they were referring to and calling people, as of Judah when they were actually the abomination of Satan. This was not done until the King James Version of the Bible. They never called Abraham a Jew before this, they were always called Israelites.

Now; a whore tried to trap Judah, and then later tried to bring that offspring back into Israel, years later. But this offspring if it had been Judah’s would have by this time been married back into his mother’s people several times and there would have been no Judah blood there.

Actually the scripture would tell you that this was a trick for there was no Judah blood in the Jews. The Jews of Jesus’ time were Canaanite’s and if they came from Cain by no stretch of the imagination would there be any Judah blood. When Jesus said: (John 8) ‘ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do, your father was a murderer from the beginning’. He was talking about Cain, who was the first murderer as it effected our race. Jesus said: ‘I am from above, you are from beneath.