New Ensign 160 December 2022

Bio-Warfare Disguised as Health Care

As the Christmas season fast approaches, a time when His people focus on their Saviour’s birth. Despite its heathen connotations, is a time of joy when family and friends meet together strengthening their bonds. However, there is a long shadow hanging over the festive season this year.

This shadow is the unexpected death or severe disablement of many of our loved ones and friends. There is hardly a family that has not been hit in this way. Undertakers have remarked that they have never seen such a high increase in deaths over the normal average, particularly in young and very young people.

The UK Government is aware of this, per the graph (above) produced from its own website, showing nearly all increased deaths are among those that received the jab. Despite this, the government is now pushing the booster jab that is already causing additional health problems and as usual not reported in the MSM.

While the focus of recent months has been on covid and the war in Ukraine, the enemy has been rolling out its EMF cell towers and associated technology such as 5G (a military weapon) and LED lights to smart lampposts somewhere near you, with graphine oxide, fluoride and other “medications” added to water directed by smart meters is making even the unvaccinated ill!

This is nothing new! Women demonstrating outside RAF Greenham Common in the 1980’s against atomic weapons, which went on for a number of years. They were microwaved by military radar causing them to have rashes leading eventually to Leukemia from which they died and the demos too!

There is some good news! All over the world qualified people are blowing the whistle on the evil plandemic named covid19, while the enemy is doing its best to quash the evidence, its so overwhelming that the dam is about to burst.

In the meantime we wish our readers a joyful time over the coming festive season and praise Yahweh for His protection over these dark, difficult and dangerous times!!


The Editors

New Ensign 160 December 2022
New Ensign 160 December 2022

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