Wednesday Night Bible Study – 31st March 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 31st March 1965

QUESTION: Could you give us a little more on the woman that Cain married?

ANSWER: We have quite a bit of background material, Zohar information, early discussions and material from the Patriarchs, things which came up in the Zohar conversation records, the things like the writings of Seth, and so forth. We know that Cain went eastward into the land of Nod, and he took a wife from among the Akkads. But prior to this time he had also consorted with a Negress because this was classified as, among the Beasts of the earth and was not acceptable and this was one of the things besides being Luciferian that said that nothing Cain could produce would be an acceptable sacrifice, for he had violated this principal law.

There is a passage over here in the Book of Genesis as God talks about this Violation of Divine Law to Cain. He charges Cain and his COMPANIONS in plurality. This is interesting and proves that Cain and his companions have to absorb their own transgressions, as he runs them out. Thus it is plural in statement which is made to Cain. This is later discussed among the Patriarchs, and among the religious teachers later, about the fact that one of the first things that Cain did was marry into the lower Bestial orders.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 30th June 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 30th June 1965

QUESTION: Where did the word Jew come from?

ANSWER: It is an English word, not to old. Yehudi is the Hebrew meaning of accursed. Today the word Jew means what everyone imputes to it. In other words when we say Jew we mean those people with their hooked noses and high ears. These enemies of the Christ with their Synagogues, this is what we are talking about when we say Jew. But actually the word Jew in the King James Version is found only twice in the Old Testament. Then the word was mistranslated from the word Judah. There is no place in the New Testament for this word Jew as we know it except in these places where Christ called them Devils and sons of Lucifer, the inassimilable offspring.

QUESTION: Where can this be found?

ANSWER: In Greek and Aramaic the word was not Jew, but a word meaning those same people. The Bible was translated from Aramaic into Greek, into Latin and then into English and many words were used for these same people. But the people today called Jew are by no stretch of the imagination part of Judah, not related to Judah in any way. So the use of the word Jew started with the English translations. But these people were called, a word for Jew, before the King James Version, and in the translation of this King James Version, then there were a lots of Jews helping with the translation and they wanted everyone of Judah to be called Jews, since they were trying to usurp the name of Israel. And Jews today claim to be Israelites but they are not.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 29th September 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 29th September 1965

QUESTION: This was in the Catholic Bulletin.

ANSWER: Yes, who is my neighbour, Jesus replied. A certain man was on his way from Jacksonville to Atlanta. He fell among white supremacists and they stripped him and beat him and went off and left him half dead. Now, a priest going that way saw the man. And he went to the other side of the road. A Catholic layman also happened to be going that way and seeing him, he went on by. But a Communist seeing him, went up to him and dressed his wounds with sulpha and bound them up. He put him in his own Falcon and brought him to his own hotel and took care of him. The next day he took ten dollars and gave it to the hotel keeper and said: ‘take care of him and whatever you spend, I will pay you when I come back.’ Which of these three do you think proved to be a neighbour to this man when he fell into enemy hands?

This is from a Catholic church bulletin. What a piece of Communist propaganda.

QUESTION: Was this sort of like a Sunday School lesson?

ANSWER: No, this was their Sunday bulletin, their church Bulletin like many churches put out, this bulletin every week.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 29th December 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 29th December 1965

QUESTION: What about the suggestion that Cain and Abel were twins? About Cain’s history being established? Let us know what History has to say about this. We are interested also in knowing about life in the kingdom among Christians.??

ANSWERS: Concerning the parentage of Cain, Cain was the son of Lucifer and Eve, (I John 3:11-12) “This is the message that ye have heard from the beginning, that ye should love one another. Not as Cain who is the progeny of the Wicked One, and slew his brother.”

Now, here you are told that Cain was the son of the Evil One, thus this statement that Cain and Abel were twins is a fallacy. We never made the statement that Cain and Abel are twins. Even the biblical record in Genesis 4 is not properly translated for it says: ‘And Adam knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and bare Cain and then said: I have gotten a man from the Lord. And she again bare his brother Abel and Abel was a keeper of the sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.’

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 28th April 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 28th April 1965

QUESTION: How do you explain; and the earth also shall be burned up. Peter 3‑13?

ANSWER: This is referring to the World Order, and is found also in the Book of Isaiah. The Scripture says this earth shall be the habitation of man forever and forever. And then God declares the earth is His Footstool. Then of the Increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end, and upon the Throne of David to establish and order it. Then there is another place where it refers to the sun, moon, and stars as enduring forever. The Psalmist declares the earth will be the habitation of man forever and forever. So, the fashion of the world passes away.

The Cosmos, earth order changes, but the earth itself never is totally destroyed because it has a Destiny which never ends. It reaches out to the endless tomorrows, the outer earth has been injured dozens of times and yet it is still here. Continents have sunk, mountains arose, plateaus came, and valleys disappeared. Each time this happened the earth has been injured, but as far as this word: What manner of people ought we to be when the earth is dissolved in fervent heat? It is a matter of translation and interpretation for God has declared the earth is to remain forever. There is no way for the earth to be destroyed by fire, it could be molten and still be here, this is not the intent.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 27th January 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 27th January 1965

QUESTION: Esau was hairy and not liked very well, but I am sort of hairy also, and I wondered about this?

ANSWER: What do you wonder about? This hasn’t anything to do with any particular line, it is a factor which is generally hereditary, and of the genes. But as far as Esau was concerned then Esau and Jacob are extremely well marked, almost as well marked as the difference between Cain and Abel, although not quite as well.

The question has existed in the background of the ancient theology surrounding these two, especially as to how it relates to their nature and so forth, as to whether they were children of a common father. This is a part of the pattern, back in the ancient Zohar and other old writings. It was thought that Jacob and Esau were not full brother, the fact is Esau married into the Asiatic Hill Country Tungus people.

At the same time, the lines which he married into were tied into the Canaanites and Mongolians. They were Steppe people who had come in, and they were from the forbidden people. The symbol inside the scripture of Esau being first born would give him the birthright. But him selling his birthright for a mess of portage actually this was only a symbol. What he did was to marry outside the race line into forbidden seed, and he chose to live and dwell with these people rather than with his own race, so this was when he sold his birthright.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 26th May 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 26th May 1965

QUESTION: “I feared thee because thou art an austere man; thou takest up that which thou layest not down, and reapest that thou did not sow? Would you explain?

ANSWER: This is a translation problem. The man is saying that he was afraid that if he lost it that he would have to stand the responsibility for it. What is imputed in some translations is that this man had much, he knew the symbol of the parable which related to the sovereignty of the whole kingdom, the owner of all the property was the King of the whole Kingdom, the owner of all the property was the King of the Kingdom and the whole Universe. So he said: he knew that God had everything and He did not need anymore so this man was afraid if he lost what he had he would have to stand judgment. This was his excuse for doing nothing. He said: since you don’t need it then it was better that I hid it and saved it so you didn’t lose it, and then I wouldn’t have to stand in judgment for something that you don’t have need of because you have so much. This was just an excuse for getting out of doing anything. But people would find all kinds of excuses for not helping to build the Kingdom.

QUESTION: Would you explain to me about the Samaritan’s, they were thought to be a mixed multitude of people and were spurned by Israelite’s.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 25th August 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 25th August 1965

QUESTION: The Aquarian Bible what is it?

ANSWER: A man wrote a book, a fanciful Gospel taking material from several sources, from occult teachings, and philosophies as well as some abstractions from Apocrypha books, and some areas are out of the New Testament books.

However there was at one time an Aquarian Bible, but this book had several books in it, and it was called ‘The Aquarius’, but the Aquarian Gospel had a blue cover when it came out. There was one run on it, and one reprint and it never existed before the imagination of this man. This writer of this book was in this special period following in the late 1920’s in Los Angeles when anyone could publish a book, and come out with a new religion, a new gospel. There were all kinds of cults and groups ready to devour it. The Jews found it quite profitable to publish books like this.

I have a copy of that book among these supposed Gospels and sacred writings but I have classified it over with Madam Blavatsky where it properly belongs. Oh, we went to the bottom of this, we talked to one of the publishers who only received it as one of the materials that might be sold at that time to a hot Bible and Gospel reading public. There was a great wave of occult literature that was being passed off as being Biblical and this book you speak of came in that way. There are some interesting things in it, but I wouldn’t give any weight to it. Here is one thing that was in it, men are just a moat floating around in the air for just one short lifetime, and then lost. But they are a part of an eternal whole and therefore since they came out of something eternal, and they reach out to something Eternal then when wrongs have all been straightened out and become right, then man shall arise and be one with God.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th March 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th March 1965

QUESTION: Do we bury the dead?

ANSWER: From its earliest conception an instruction that bears on the eventual pattern of Resurrection it says: Yes. Now, as far as the elements of composition are concerned they may be reduced to ashes, and the body turned into gas by the process of cremation, but they will still always be existent somewhere. Our race has always been taught to pay respect to the body, to embalm and to bury it. In fact our race taught the Egyptians the process of embalming the body, to embalm and bury it.

The Egyptians knew nothing of embalming until after Enoch and Job went down and built the great city of ON and its great temple, then later erected the pyramid. Our race was referred to by the Egyptians as the children of YAH, the Ka of Light and Resurrection. In other words they identified our race with the embodiment of God, the embodiment of the God of Light and Resurrection. So it was early taught that it was our race who taught Resurrection to the Egyptians, and that the body was to be laid away until the Resurrection Day.

In fact this is also demonstrated by the fact that the Egyptians had two Resurrections, and the early doctrines surrounding our race established the fact that one of the things which would be restored to it was Immortality. And that the spirit never dies, it took its flight into dimensions of Spirit in what was known as death. Thus the Egyptians were one of the first to catch the concept of the spirit taking its flight, outside the Adamic race. You will also note that the Egyptians had the concept of the soul crossing the River Styx into a Netherworld until it was Resurrected. Then when resurrected its soul could take flight into the sky or its soul might be resident in the earth. This was sort of a combination change made in the theology of the Early Egyptians, and they early adjusted some what to what they heard.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th February 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th February 1965

(Current events) The Mohammed Elijah movement is the building of the Negro Revolution. This came, remember, in the fall of 1964.

The moment the statute of limitations in Germany runs out, the Jews have to extend it one more time or they are in trouble. The World Court says there is no precedent for trying anyone for war crimes. But the Jews cry, extend the time. And they win.

QUESTION: About a year ago you answered a question on prayer. You said at that time that a lot of people get on the phone, so to speak, and call God. And they say their piece then hang up before they can receive any instructions. I would like to ask what is the method or the technique, or how do you know you are receiving instructions? Say, you pray for guidance when you have a big decision coming and you want to make the right decision?

ANSWER:- Well we did say that most people just tell God when really you don’t tell God anything. You may not realize it but some people just talk to God, and this is sometimes just an exercise. Prayer is something that perhaps, sometimes by long repetitions of the use of the same phrases, and it has become kind of a religious exercise. And of course it follows that there are passages which say prayer without ceasing. We sometimes run into people who make quite an issue out of the fact that they spend quite a bit of time in prayer. When asked as to what procedure they used, I find that they just set down and tell god for about two hours what they have on their mind. Having told God all these things then they ask Him for a lot of things, and then indicate that they have just communicated some things to God.