Wednesday Night Bible Study – 30th June 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 30th June 1965

QUESTION: Where did the word Jew come from?

ANSWER: It is an English word, not to old. Yehudi is the Hebrew meaning of accursed. Today the word Jew means what everyone imputes to it. In other words when we say Jew we mean those people with their hooked noses and high ears. These enemies of the Christ with their Synagogues, this is what we are talking about when we say Jew. But actually the word Jew in the King James Version is found only twice in the Old Testament. Then the word was mistranslated from the word Judah. There is no place in the New Testament for this word Jew as we know it except in these places where Christ called them Devils and sons of Lucifer, the inassimilable offspring.

QUESTION: Where can this be found?

ANSWER: In Greek and Aramaic the word was not Jew, but a word meaning those same people. The Bible was translated from Aramaic into Greek, into Latin and then into English and many words were used for these same people. But the people today called Jew are by no stretch of the imagination part of Judah, not related to Judah in any way. So the use of the word Jew started with the English translations. But these people were called, a word for Jew, before the King James Version, and in the translation of this King James Version, then there were a lots of Jews helping with the translation and they wanted everyone of Judah to be called Jews, since they were trying to usurp the name of Israel. And Jews today claim to be Israelites but they are not.