Wednesday Night Bible Study – 27th January 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 27th January 1965

QUESTION: Esau was hairy and not liked very well, but I am sort of hairy also, and I wondered about this?

ANSWER: What do you wonder about? This hasn’t anything to do with any particular line, it is a factor which is generally hereditary, and of the genes. But as far as Esau was concerned then Esau and Jacob are extremely well marked, almost as well marked as the difference between Cain and Abel, although not quite as well.

The question has existed in the background of the ancient theology surrounding these two, especially as to how it relates to their nature and so forth, as to whether they were children of a common father. This is a part of the pattern, back in the ancient Zohar and other old writings. It was thought that Jacob and Esau were not full brother, the fact is Esau married into the Asiatic Hill Country Tungus people.

At the same time, the lines which he married into were tied into the Canaanites and Mongolians. They were Steppe people who had come in, and they were from the forbidden people. The symbol inside the scripture of Esau being first born would give him the birthright. But him selling his birthright for a mess of portage actually this was only a symbol. What he did was to marry outside the race line into forbidden seed, and he chose to live and dwell with these people rather than with his own race, so this was when he sold his birthright.