Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th February 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th February 1965

(Current events) The Mohammed Elijah movement is the building of the Negro Revolution. This came, remember, in the fall of 1964.

The moment the statute of limitations in Germany runs out, the Jews have to extend it one more time or they are in trouble. The World Court says there is no precedent for trying anyone for war crimes. But the Jews cry, extend the time. And they win.

QUESTION: About a year ago you answered a question on prayer. You said at that time that a lot of people get on the phone, so to speak, and call God. And they say their piece then hang up before they can receive any instructions. I would like to ask what is the method or the technique, or how do you know you are receiving instructions? Say, you pray for guidance when you have a big decision coming and you want to make the right decision?

ANSWER:- Well we did say that most people just tell God when really you don’t tell God anything. You may not realize it but some people just talk to God, and this is sometimes just an exercise. Prayer is something that perhaps, sometimes by long repetitions of the use of the same phrases, and it has become kind of a religious exercise. And of course it follows that there are passages which say prayer without ceasing. We sometimes run into people who make quite an issue out of the fact that they spend quite a bit of time in prayer. When asked as to what procedure they used, I find that they just set down and tell god for about two hours what they have on their mind. Having told God all these things then they ask Him for a lot of things, and then indicate that they have just communicated some things to God.