Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th March 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th March 1965

QUESTION: Do we bury the dead?

ANSWER: From its earliest conception an instruction that bears on the eventual pattern of Resurrection it says: Yes. Now, as far as the elements of composition are concerned they may be reduced to ashes, and the body turned into gas by the process of cremation, but they will still always be existent somewhere. Our race has always been taught to pay respect to the body, to embalm and to bury it. In fact our race taught the Egyptians the process of embalming the body, to embalm and bury it.

The Egyptians knew nothing of embalming until after Enoch and Job went down and built the great city of ON and its great temple, then later erected the pyramid. Our race was referred to by the Egyptians as the children of YAH, the Ka of Light and Resurrection. In other words they identified our race with the embodiment of God, the embodiment of the God of Light and Resurrection. So it was early taught that it was our race who taught Resurrection to the Egyptians, and that the body was to be laid away until the Resurrection Day.

In fact this is also demonstrated by the fact that the Egyptians had two Resurrections, and the early doctrines surrounding our race established the fact that one of the things which would be restored to it was Immortality. And that the spirit never dies, it took its flight into dimensions of Spirit in what was known as death. Thus the Egyptians were one of the first to catch the concept of the spirit taking its flight, outside the Adamic race. You will also note that the Egyptians had the concept of the soul crossing the River Styx into a Netherworld until it was Resurrected. Then when resurrected its soul could take flight into the sky or its soul might be resident in the earth. This was sort of a combination change made in the theology of the Early Egyptians, and they early adjusted some what to what they heard.