Wednesday Night Bible Study – 25th August 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 25th August 1965

QUESTION: The Aquarian Bible what is it?

ANSWER: A man wrote a book, a fanciful Gospel taking material from several sources, from occult teachings, and philosophies as well as some abstractions from Apocrypha books, and some areas are out of the New Testament books.

However there was at one time an Aquarian Bible, but this book had several books in it, and it was called ‘The Aquarius’, but the Aquarian Gospel had a blue cover when it came out. There was one run on it, and one reprint and it never existed before the imagination of this man. This writer of this book was in this special period following in the late 1920’s in Los Angeles when anyone could publish a book, and come out with a new religion, a new gospel. There were all kinds of cults and groups ready to devour it. The Jews found it quite profitable to publish books like this.

I have a copy of that book among these supposed Gospels and sacred writings but I have classified it over with Madam Blavatsky where it properly belongs. Oh, we went to the bottom of this, we talked to one of the publishers who only received it as one of the materials that might be sold at that time to a hot Bible and Gospel reading public. There was a great wave of occult literature that was being passed off as being Biblical and this book you speak of came in that way. There are some interesting things in it, but I wouldn’t give any weight to it. Here is one thing that was in it, men are just a moat floating around in the air for just one short lifetime, and then lost. But they are a part of an eternal whole and therefore since they came out of something eternal, and they reach out to something Eternal then when wrongs have all been straightened out and become right, then man shall arise and be one with God.