Wednesday Night Bible Study – 30th September

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 30th September

QUESTION: Please explain, ‘Try the spirits’. (I John 4:1‑3)

ANSWER: “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits for many false prophets have gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God; every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God. Every spirit that confesseth NOT that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God, but is of Anti‑Christ that was to come.” This is in itself explanatory, the only thing to remember here is that it has some holes in it. As to Identity it is quite clear. This is more than that He came in the flesh, but that He was the embodiment of YAHWEH, Himself.

The fact is that this was YAHWEH who said through the prophet Isaiah: “I am YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA” or “I am YAHWEH THY SAVIOR”, beside me there is none else.’ (Isaiah 43) I alone am God, and then when the Angel spoke to Mary he said: “Ye shall call his name YAHSHUA, for HE shall save His people”, thus identifying HIM AS YAHWEH. “Blessed is He who comes in the name of YAHWEH’, this is the identification, this is the embodiment of YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA or the LORD JESUS as we say today. Jesus is the derivation from the Greek word, and when the Angel spoke in Hebrew to Mary he said: “Thou shalt call his name YAHSHUA”.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 30th December

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 30th December

QUESTION: The good and evil figs of Jeremiah, would you please explain?

ANSWER: This is a long and involved question, but the fig leaf and the fig tree representation of Scripture has really nothing to do with Israel except when they are thrust into contact with her. In the Book of Micah you will note that God talks about the end of the age, when the Kingdom comes in, and He said: ‘every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree.’ Thus God more or less divides up the world as under the vine or under the fig tree. If you go back into the oldest symbols you will note that all the pagan symbols in the world seem to have the fig tree and fig leaf woven into their backgrounds. You will see the Fig leaves on all Hindu Temples, and woven into symbols and emblems and spread out in hoods and so forth.

In the very beginning with the seduction of Eve and the fall of the race then Adam was covered then Adam was covered with fig leaves, he had a coat of fig leaves to cover his nakedness, but this was again the symbol of the fig tree, fig leaf connection with Lucifer. So all of Lucifer’s Household has used the symbol of the fig leaf for a long time. The fig leaves represents Jewry, so in this instance sometimes the political machines in control are now always made up of Jews, but are those blinded doing their work. Thus when Jesus was walking with His disciples they came to this fig tree. Now; there is nothing wrong with figs as far as food is concerned, but the fig tree represented the power at the Jerusalem Temple in the time of The Christ.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 29th April

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 29th April

QUESTION: Spiritual power and blessing. why prayer isn’t answered, The Mantle of Elijah, how can this power be obtained?

ANSWER: Lets take another question first, if we get into this first we will be here all night.

QUESTION: How can we determine God’s Word in the Bible and someone else word? You get into a discussion with someone and they say, but you only pick out of the Bible what you want to believe, how do you face that?

ANSWER: Well, the way you face this situation is to remember that most of these people are talking from a lack of knowledge, where as the thing you are discussing with them is from an area of knowledge. Now, the bible contains the Word of God, and most of it is inspired. However, there are books that are not inspired included therein.

The book of Esther is a fraudulent book, it has a fictitious background in much of its material. It was written by Jewry, it excuses and creates a foundation for liquidation and persecution of their enemies. Esther seduced a King, and in the background of this was strictly Jewish story concocted log after the events, and should not have been considered inspired. Then the Song of Solomon is another phoney book. It does not have the name of God in it even once, and deals with the love affairs supposedly of Solomon, and three or four others of different races, Negroes and everything else and is actually a phoney book.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 28th October

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 28th October

QUESTION: Something about Byrd’s exploration and the Inner earth?

ANSWER: Well, Admiral Byrd was looking for an entrance into the INNER EARTH at the South Pole. He was very curious as to this, and in one of the trips he made to the South Pole he could see under clear ice, buildings frozen over with ice, clearly frozen in the ice. They had come on this spot twice in their transversing of Antarctica. What would happen to them is that they would get caught in a huge snow storm and they couldn’t find the spot again unless the snow would melt or blow away in drifts. But they knew that there was at one time a civilization at the South Pole which is now covered with ice.

This is one of the things our expedition was involved with, and Byrd himself had written a tremendous notebook, which is about to be published, and we know some of his material because he discussed it at the Explorers Club about seeing these stone buildings under the ice. And about how they intended to go back to this spot, and try to find this place where the shifting storms had covered them, but they thought they knew within a few miles of where it was, but there was no vegetation or anything to mark the spot. It was not close enough to any high mountains to use the peaks for markers to pin point the place. Of course he was looking for the entrance in the south polar region, to the Inner earth.

Now; there was main areas down there covered with perpetual vapour and mist, and vapours arise all the time. This means that there is warm air coming out of the earth at all times. Birds fly out of openings down there, and fresh twigs and some leaves of plants are scattered around on the ice. Byrd knew more about this than that but this even has its value because in the book of Job there is reference to the entrance to inner‑earth, and how God closed over the entrances in the north, and about the frozen gates with their covering of ice, which was supposed to be a bottling in. (Job 38)

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 28th January

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 28th January

QUESTION: Did Moses Marry an Israelite?

ANSWER: Now this answer depends on where you start to qualify people as Israelites. The word “Israel”, Issue ruling with God, thus takes in all Adamites who provide this issue. The fact that Jacobs name was formerly changed to Israel did not start, Israel, as a people. In other words this was a name placed on Jacob’s descendants and was through used constantly and consecutive, but prior to that time both Enoch as well as Seth realized, because God had declared to them, that they were Israel, His issue ruling in earth, that this was their destiny, their commission. So Adam was an Israelite in that he was an issue of God.

The third chapter of the book of Luke establishes this as it traces the genealogy of Jesus back to Seth, the son of Adam who was the son of God. The word, son, is Issue or progeny. Thus when one recognizes this, then the Adamic or White Race is the progeny of God. This is the marked distinction between the white race and other races which existed. There may have been and there is evidence that there were other races besides the Asiatics, and the NEGROES ON THE EARTH, BUT THE Adamic race was strictly the White race.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 27th May

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 27th May

QUESTION: One lady said the Christian Defence League was backing Goldwater in this election. Is that true?

ANSWER: I don’t know of anyone of the CDL who is doing this. You wouldn’t back a half Jew who has let you down all the way. If you think that Goldwater is a Christian because he goes to a Christian Church, remember that he said the reason he did this was because there was no synagogue in his town where he was raised. He was telling other Jews this story and they all laughed about it.

There are strategies to use sometimes in elections where you vote for the lesser evil, but I don’t want to get into this. I have not discussed with the CDL who to vote for except in the matter of Co. Gale in that district. Now; Alan Cranston is running for a senate seat, and also Pierre Salanger which leaves the Democrats with no choice.

This Alan Cranston is a One-World Federalist, and in Italy today he is under suspicion of murder of anti-communist officials who would have been in power in the post war government. This has been buried until the statute of limitations has run out, and our government would not let Italy bring these charges against this man in the proper channels, for they would have charged him with murder. A Colonel in charge of Security briefed Colonel Greer and myself about how the two top anti-communist leaders in Rome were liquidated by high officials connected with our military, and told us who they were , and Alan Cranston was one of them.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 26th February

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 26th February

QUESTION: Was Nimrod an Israelite?

ANSWER: He was an Adamite, a white man, but his Queen was not of the race, and this was what got Nimrod into trouble. She was a Hindu from India, and this is where the Priesthood out of India set up their Satanic Trinity. They created this image and actually sought to transfer Lucifer and Lilleth and any embodied offspring in symbolism to Nimrod, to capture the Kingdom of Nimrod. Nimrod was a Hamite, but the Seth line through Seth came on down to Terah who was Prime Minister for Nimrod. Terah was the father of Abraham but he got out of the Prime Ministers job under Nimrod before Nimrod fell completely under Paganism.

QUESTION: A lot of those things like trinity were adopted into the early church, were they not?

ANSWER: Only into Rome first. This was done after the Jews joined the church to condemn the doctrines. They put a lot of pagan things into the doctrine of Rome thinking they would eventually take over. But they were never able to take away the testimony of the Deity of Christ through the Virgin Birth. This is where they failed.

QUESTION: Is this where Ash Wednesday and different things come from today, and is Ash Wednesday to be celebrated?

ANSWER: Well, Ash Wednesday is also in the Episcopal church since it was established.

QUESTION: What does it mean when it says some were ‘cut off’ from the congregation?

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 26th August

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 26th August

QUESTION: I don’t understand about this in Genesis, in the time of Joseph, when he had this dream about the 7 fat years and the 7 lean years, and then he took all the peoples cattle, and bought all their land for Pharaoh, then after that he gave them seed to plant and said that they were to give one‑fifth to Pharaoh, but he had taken their land?

ANSWER: You have a different type of operation at that time. You will discover that Pharaoh is the Sovereign over all Egypt. And if you go into this type of government you find not only was it maintained as a sovereignty with nobody but Pharaoh or the Royal household owning the property, but all Egyptians were considered their family. This was the kind of Aristocracy that they had, and Pharaoh alone could grant a piece of territory to anyone else, thus he granted the land of Goshen unto the brethren of Joseph when they came in. So the entire aristocracy was controlled by Pharaoh and his family, and he had around him a bunch of Priests, and soothsayers who helped shape his decisions, but Joseph had no control over the existing structure of this government, he only worked under it.

I have Dr. Petries copy of the “Book of the Dead”, and I can show you the entire structure of control of Egypt at that time, and the Pharaoh so to speak had “the last word”. Pharaoh set up everything, Pharaoh was the owner of all Egypt. Pharaoh was our gracious master, he gives us our homes, Pharaoh gives us everything, see.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 25th March

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 25th March

QUESTION: The Apostles were to go unto only certain homes were they not?

ANSWER: When HE sent out the Apostles, HE sent them only to ‘The Lost Sheep’ of Israel. Thus only to those who had the capacity to receive and to understand. HE spent no time in sending them out to those who lacked spiritual capacity. And if they were not of the seed line He never sent an Apostle to them.

Thus worthiness was built not on what they had accomplished, but on who they were, on the basis of what was invested in them. In other words: ‘Spirit of His Spirit’, ‘Life of His Life’, to those He sent the Apostles and disciples. The word is not merely worthy, for this is just a matter of translation. Is this quote you read from the Amplified version? Well, the fact of the matter is that He sent them out to those who could receive, or understand.

This is the same thing you find in the Book of Matthew: ‘To you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, to them it is not given.’ Therefore He said: I speak unto you in parables these mysteries lest they hearing might partially understand and join you. The thing HE did not want was for the enemy to join the children of the Kingdom, for this would be a catastrophe. They would only use their wisdom to destroy from within the centre. Therefore He said: I speak to you of mysteries which they lacking spiritual perception cannot receive.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th June

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 24th June

QUESTION: Can you tell us anything about the operation down in Mississippi, 3 people missing?

ANSWER: We don’t have any report on it, but this disappearing act is caused by the enemy, and it started some time before this. There is no question in my mind that the disappearance of Pastor Herroll out of the Christian Conservative Church was by the left wing, elimination of the man, his wife and five of his children. That was six months ago, and this just goes to show you how far the strategy of the enemy can go in eliminating a man.

This man was actually Chaplain of several patriotic organizations and he was worth about $600,000.00 in liquid assets, as far as property is concerned which he had given to the church. And when he disappeared it was when he was to go to an interrogation, and then on to a patriotic meeting in New Mexico. They found the car and some blood stains and this is all they ever found. Then the F.B.I., said that since he was coming to be interrogated that they thought he just skipped out, and after 3 months they put out a wanted poster, and I have a copy of that, but they never found the man, his wife or his children.