Wednesday Night Bible Study – 27th May

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 27th May

QUESTION: One lady said the Christian Defence League was backing Goldwater in this election. Is that true?

ANSWER: I don’t know of anyone of the CDL who is doing this. You wouldn’t back a half Jew who has let you down all the way. If you think that Goldwater is a Christian because he goes to a Christian Church, remember that he said the reason he did this was because there was no synagogue in his town where he was raised. He was telling other Jews this story and they all laughed about it.

There are strategies to use sometimes in elections where you vote for the lesser evil, but I don’t want to get into this. I have not discussed with the CDL who to vote for except in the matter of Co. Gale in that district. Now; Alan Cranston is running for a senate seat, and also Pierre Salanger which leaves the Democrats with no choice.

This Alan Cranston is a One-World Federalist, and in Italy today he is under suspicion of murder of anti-communist officials who would have been in power in the post war government. This has been buried until the statute of limitations has run out, and our government would not let Italy bring these charges against this man in the proper channels, for they would have charged him with murder. A Colonel in charge of Security briefed Colonel Greer and myself about how the two top anti-communist leaders in Rome were liquidated by high officials connected with our military, and told us who they were , and Alan Cranston was one of them.