Wednesday Night Bible Study – 28th October

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 28th October

QUESTION: Something about Byrd’s exploration and the Inner earth?

ANSWER: Well, Admiral Byrd was looking for an entrance into the INNER EARTH at the South Pole. He was very curious as to this, and in one of the trips he made to the South Pole he could see under clear ice, buildings frozen over with ice, clearly frozen in the ice. They had come on this spot twice in their transversing of Antarctica. What would happen to them is that they would get caught in a huge snow storm and they couldn’t find the spot again unless the snow would melt or blow away in drifts. But they knew that there was at one time a civilization at the South Pole which is now covered with ice.

This is one of the things our expedition was involved with, and Byrd himself had written a tremendous notebook, which is about to be published, and we know some of his material because he discussed it at the Explorers Club about seeing these stone buildings under the ice. And about how they intended to go back to this spot, and try to find this place where the shifting storms had covered them, but they thought they knew within a few miles of where it was, but there was no vegetation or anything to mark the spot. It was not close enough to any high mountains to use the peaks for markers to pin point the place. Of course he was looking for the entrance in the south polar region, to the Inner earth.

Now; there was main areas down there covered with perpetual vapour and mist, and vapours arise all the time. This means that there is warm air coming out of the earth at all times. Birds fly out of openings down there, and fresh twigs and some leaves of plants are scattered around on the ice. Byrd knew more about this than that but this even has its value because in the book of Job there is reference to the entrance to inner‑earth, and how God closed over the entrances in the north, and about the frozen gates with their covering of ice, which was supposed to be a bottling in. (Job 38)