Wednesday Night Bible Study – 26th February

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 26th February

QUESTION: Was Nimrod an Israelite?

ANSWER: He was an Adamite, a white man, but his Queen was not of the race, and this was what got Nimrod into trouble. She was a Hindu from India, and this is where the Priesthood out of India set up their Satanic Trinity. They created this image and actually sought to transfer Lucifer and Lilleth and any embodied offspring in symbolism to Nimrod, to capture the Kingdom of Nimrod. Nimrod was a Hamite, but the Seth line through Seth came on down to Terah who was Prime Minister for Nimrod. Terah was the father of Abraham but he got out of the Prime Ministers job under Nimrod before Nimrod fell completely under Paganism.

QUESTION: A lot of those things like trinity were adopted into the early church, were they not?

ANSWER: Only into Rome first. This was done after the Jews joined the church to condemn the doctrines. They put a lot of pagan things into the doctrine of Rome thinking they would eventually take over. But they were never able to take away the testimony of the Deity of Christ through the Virgin Birth. This is where they failed.

QUESTION: Is this where Ash Wednesday and different things come from today, and is Ash Wednesday to be celebrated?

ANSWER: Well, Ash Wednesday is also in the Episcopal church since it was established.

QUESTION: What does it mean when it says some were ‘cut off’ from the congregation?