Wednesday Night Bible Study – 25th March

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 25th March

QUESTION: The Apostles were to go unto only certain homes were they not?

ANSWER: When HE sent out the Apostles, HE sent them only to ‘The Lost Sheep’ of Israel. Thus only to those who had the capacity to receive and to understand. HE spent no time in sending them out to those who lacked spiritual capacity. And if they were not of the seed line He never sent an Apostle to them.

Thus worthiness was built not on what they had accomplished, but on who they were, on the basis of what was invested in them. In other words: ‘Spirit of His Spirit’, ‘Life of His Life’, to those He sent the Apostles and disciples. The word is not merely worthy, for this is just a matter of translation. Is this quote you read from the Amplified version? Well, the fact of the matter is that He sent them out to those who could receive, or understand.

This is the same thing you find in the Book of Matthew: ‘To you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, to them it is not given.’ Therefore He said: I speak unto you in parables these mysteries lest they hearing might partially understand and join you. The thing HE did not want was for the enemy to join the children of the Kingdom, for this would be a catastrophe. They would only use their wisdom to destroy from within the centre. Therefore He said: I speak to you of mysteries which they lacking spiritual perception cannot receive.