Wednesday Night Bible Study – 29th April

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 29th April

QUESTION: Spiritual power and blessing. why prayer isn’t answered, The Mantle of Elijah, how can this power be obtained?

ANSWER: Lets take another question first, if we get into this first we will be here all night.

QUESTION: How can we determine God’s Word in the Bible and someone else word? You get into a discussion with someone and they say, but you only pick out of the Bible what you want to believe, how do you face that?

ANSWER: Well, the way you face this situation is to remember that most of these people are talking from a lack of knowledge, where as the thing you are discussing with them is from an area of knowledge. Now, the bible contains the Word of God, and most of it is inspired. However, there are books that are not inspired included therein.

The book of Esther is a fraudulent book, it has a fictitious background in much of its material. It was written by Jewry, it excuses and creates a foundation for liquidation and persecution of their enemies. Esther seduced a King, and in the background of this was strictly Jewish story concocted log after the events, and should not have been considered inspired. Then the Song of Solomon is another phoney book. It does not have the name of God in it even once, and deals with the love affairs supposedly of Solomon, and three or four others of different races, Negroes and everything else and is actually a phoney book.