Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1997

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1997

THE MAN WHO SPARKED THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING PROBE, GLENN WILBURN, IS DEAD. He was so mistrustful of the official investigation that he forced the opening of a new Grand Jury probe, and now he is dead at 46 years of age.

Hours after his death, State Representative Charles Key, who had joined him in this cause, went before the panel and gave them a list of potential witnesses. Glenn Wilburn had lost his little grandsons in the bombing, Chase and Colton Smith. He was angry with the movement of the investigation and had worked these past two years trying to bring about this Grand Jury probe.

The first two witnesses called were men who had reported seeing two other persons with McVeigh the morning of the bombing.

The S.S. Constitution sailed again, July 20, 1997. Hope this is also symbolic of the time when our Constitution will again be able to sail and mean something for the American people.

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1995 Part 1

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1995 Part 1

AS WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING EVENTS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. HERE IN THE BEGINNING OF THIS MONTH, we are reminded of a tape by Wesley A. Swift as he told of an event taking place in 1962 that we think has had a great lot to do with these later days of the ‘Ruby Ridge’ Affair, the Waco disaster, and yes, even the bombing of Oklahoma City and before all of them, the affair of the arrests and trying for conviction of the Aryan Nations. This was the setting in place of the government agency with a ‘Director’ appointed by the Executive Branch of Government to manage ‘Religious Affairs’ in this nation. Thus, in this packet is included the message ‘Will the Christian Church take a Government Czar.’ Hopefully, this will explain some things to you and build up your spirits as the events of September and October take place here in our nation in Washington, D.C.

The Buildebergers have stretched out their time table for the putting in place of their ‘One World Government’, setting it back two years to 1002. Wonder why?

Over 1200 years ago the Mayan Priest prophesied that the solar eclipse of July 11, 1991, would herald man’s encounter with Masters of the sky. Do you wonder what they meant, or are you following events over these past few years.

Under Louis Freeh, the FBI has been turned from an internal American Police Agency, into an International force. Late last year, the FBI had set up a Training School in Budapest, Hungary where they are educating and ‘training’ police officers for Hungary and the Czech Republic and Poland.

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1995

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1995

EVENTS ARE COMING TO PASS ALMOST FASTER THAN A PERSON CAN KEEP UP WITH, even though a great cover-up is still going on in higher places. Some of our people watch developments for a little while and never making a study of events, get bored and think nothing is happening, so they go back in to their sleep and turn to the World Order for amusement.

The Waco and White Water hearings are producing some results, although they are not well publicized. The FBI has now suspended 4 officials in the cover-up of the ‘Ruby Ridge’ affair. And this is about the approval for the ‘shoot-on-sight’ order during that 1992 siege at Ruby Ridge, in which Mrs. Randy Weaver was shot in the head while she held her baby in her arms. And her young son was shot in the back. As least one of these 4 men who were suspended, had admitted destroying FBI documents, and another has admitted knowing about it. So far, Larry Potts has not admitted knowing about this order, although some investigators allege that Potts approved the order to FBI snipers.

The special rules of engagement said FBI snipers ‘could and should’ use deadly force against armed men spotted in the open at the Weaver compound. Long standing FBI policy bars the use of lethal force except in self-defence.

Since the fiasco at Ruby Ridge, then we had the Waco affair. And now the Oklahoma City bombing wherein Larry Potts was in charge of all the investigations. Thus, the people of the country see a conspiracy to cover-up the facts, but slowly the facts are coming out.

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September 1991

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September 1991

AS SOME OF YOU KNOW, A DISK IN MY BACK SHATTERED AND CAUSED THE VERTEBRA TO COLLAPSE, this happened July 17th and a month of misery resulted, with a few days in the hospital to break a cycle of pain, and put me on my feet again. I am doing pretty good again, and the Dr. has turned me loose to do anything I can without aggravating the spot in my back, between the shoulder blades. Kathy put out the last months material as it was mostly ready. I am now back at the word processor, many interesting things are happening in the world.


For my Birthday (79 years) a package arrived early from J.P. of Wichita, Kans. Allie brought the package to the Bedroom where I was lying down and opened the package, and needless to say I sat up in bed rather quickly. Here was a picture of the Heads of a Lion and a Unicorn very close together. I turned then to the book of “Symbols of our Celtic-Saxon Heritage”, by W.H. Bennett and found this story:

‘A Horn from a large animal about 20″ in length, slightly curved, and increasing from the tip to about five or six inches in diameter at the base and around the base there was a carving depicting a VINE and two figures, a Lion and Unicorn, was given by a Nobleman in Britain, marking a gift of property to a York Minister. It seems that his ancestors had brought this horn from Ancient Persia, however this was considered to have marked the transfer of the Throne which was in Judah to the west, finally to England.

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September 1990

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September 1990

ANOTHER BAD EARTHQUAKE, THIS TIME IN THE PHILIPPINES. One disaster after another this year. And then this from Dr. Kai Loh Chan at National University of Singapore, Associate Professor of Zoology: ‘Prepare to leave America soon, after all America is Great Mystery Babylon’ (quote and un- quote) If America is Babylon then why are so many people trying to get in here??

The Church of Scotland deletes the Virgin Birth from Doctrine. Direct reference to the Virgin Birth was omitted from the Church of Scotland’s New Publication ‘A Statement of Faith’, so as to avoid potential division among the church members.

Wilson Ark; A northeast Arkansas school district is taking a forecasters prediction to heart and has tentatively planned an early December Earthquake break. They will not hold classes in District 57 on Dec. 3 & 4., in difference to the prediction of a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault during that time. Ivan Browning claims to have accurately predicted last fall’s Northern California Earthquake within one day. He also says he predicted the 1971 Quake in the San Fernando Valley, and the one in Nicaragua in 1972, and Mount St. Helens volcano in 1980.

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September 1988

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September 1988

CAN THE SOVIETS BE TRUSTED TO REALLY LEAVE AFGHANISTAN? Soviet Eduard M. Rosenthal let the cat out of the bag at a news conference as he said: ‘To withdraw troops does not mean we leave a country in the lurch. There are many cultural and economic faculties in that nation, and the Soviet Union would not abandon anyone. (Unquote) Did you really think the Soviet Union would give up its foothold close to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean??

The President of Pakistan, a friend of the U.S, and the rebels fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan was killed along with two Americans, strange, but that plane blew up just like the fire in the oil platform in the North Sea. Big accidents have taken place in several nations. The American Government is aware of Post Nuclear devices. Electromagnetic devices and the Tussian Woodpecker.

Did you notice that Jimmy Carter and wife met with the PLO? Remembering that Carter is a Rockefeller stooge, this is interesting news. Remember that the U.S. Government forbids the U.S. Officials to meet with the PLO because Israeli forbids it. Wonder if the unseen government is trying to upset and undermine the unstable condition in the Mid-east?

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September – October 1996

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September – October 1996

Washington: Associated Press

President Clinton has a benign cyst on the left side of his neck, but it presents no threat to his health, NBC reported Aug. 31, 1996.

The President wants to wait until after the election to have the cyst surgically removed, the television network said.

There was no immediate conformation from the Clinton campaign which was campaigning by bus in Tennessee when the report was aired.

Responding, Christina Martin, a spokeswoman for Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole, renewed a request that Clinton release his medical records.

They say that it is benign. But whose word are we supposed to take on this since they won’t release his medical records, said Martin.

I have a favour to ask of you on the tape circuit. Is there anyone out there who is a teenager who would like to correspond with a teenager who is reading and studying this type of material which goes out from here? If so, would you send me your name and address, and I will pass it onto a teenager who would like such a correspondence. She is home schooled and is quite interested in hearing from another teenager who is considering this subject of Identity and all that goes with it.

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – October 1997

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – October 1997

FOR YOU, WHO ARE SO IMPATIENT FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN, remember that Hale-Bopp has not witnessed to all of Israel as of yet. It is just now beginning the last of the journey but its meaning is for all of Israel. It is also their comet of the century as well as ours. And it will perform its mission before going back out into deep space.

Now; the Gospel of the Stars does not point out the specifics of what the enemy will try in these last days. It does however tell the true story of redemption and salvation of God’s people. And the correct events that are to happen as we come to this time period is that the great Satan will be chained up so things can then go ahead as planned. And yes we are to study the events that are happening for this is the way that we learn the time and the seasons, or the Cycles of time.

As we come into the month of October, we see bright planets dot the sky from west to east at nightfall. The night of Saturn’s opposition is October 10-11 of the moon’s path. The full moon is October 15-16, when the brilliant orb is not far behind Saturn. The moon will form large and lovely patterns with Venus, Mars, and Antares at dusk on October 5-6. Venus is in perinot of Mars. The moon is just south of Scorpion’s head on October 10th. But by October 12, then Mars is passing about 3 1/2 degrees north of Antares. Venus is close to Antares on October 16, and overtakes Mars on October 25-26. The moon is to the upper right of Jupiter on October 10. The Orionid meteor shower is from October 19-25. The moon then occults with Aldebaran by the 19th. The orange star will be on the edge of the moon at this time. A Venus and Mars conjunction comes on October 12. Wonder what NASA will tell us at that time as to what is going on with their Mars probe.

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – October 1991

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – October 1991


(Patrick J. Buchanan:)

THE ISRAEL LOBBY OVERPLAYED THEIR HAND AS THEY WENT AFTER PRESIDENT BUSH BECAUSE HE ASKED FOR A DELAY IN THE 10 BILLION DOLLAR LOAN GUARANTEE. Time after time as James Baker arrived in Israeli he had his nose rubbed, for all the Arab world to see, in new settlements in Arab territory. Thus the Arabs were to see the importance of the U.S. to have anything to say about how their money given to Israeli was to be used. In January as the subject comes up again, if the President demands, no new settlements in Arab territory he will have a fight on his hands. The Jewish vote will be lost if the President wins.

Actually that 10 Billion is for roads, houses, utilities, and so forth half way around the world when our own infrastructure is crumbling. Does no one recall that the Balfour Declaration when Britain promised a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, that nothing was to be done which would interfere with civil and religious rights existing in Non-Jewish communities in Palestine? Does no one recall that the 1947 US Partition plan allowed for a Palestinian and a Jewish State? After the Urgun massacre at Deir Yassin in April of 1948, 600,000 Arabs fled the Jewish sector never to return, and with the 6 day war, another 200,000 fled into Jordan and only 14,000 re- turned.

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – October 1990

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – October 1990


ONLY 20% OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN BLACKS ARE BACKING THE ANC OF NELSON MANDELA, why then did the western world make such a fuss over Mandela?

Jesse Jackson, Always he seeks headlines, and now he is crusading for D.C. Statehood. He has opened an office in the Capital’s Adams Morgan section, and this Statehood office is the headquarters for the new nation-wide pro-state- hood effort. Ted Kennedy is backing this drive, and Ron Brown Democratic National Chairman promises this will be on the Democratic platform in 1992. Jesse Jackson thinks this strategy will keep him in the limelight. If D.C. becomes a state it would be the first state with a majority of African Americans. He is breeding racial divisiveness by saying that this is a Civil Rights Issue. If Jackson is elected Senator from the non-state of Washington D.C. then as Senator from the 51 state he is in fact throwing down the gauntlet to White America, and a predominately white congress. Don’t forget that our Capital city is engulfed in the Black tide.

The Liberal left is out to defeat Jesse Helms as he is to conservative. ‘The Trans Africa’, a pro-Marxist lobbying organization receives funding from Castro’s Cuban government has been running full page newspaper ads in North Carolina claiming that Senator Helms, ‘Shames your flag and your nation’. ‘People for the American Way’, this powerful multi-million dollar left wing group that opposes School Prayer, and the death Penalty is running full page ads with this message: ‘Isn’t it time to ask Senator Helms why he is tolerant of hate??’ ‘

The Human Rights Campaign Fund’ and the ‘National Political Action Committee of the Lesbian and Gay Community’ has run mean newspaper ads attacking Senator Helms. Perhaps this will boomerang as people seem to be waking up to who is doing this.