Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1995

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1995

EVENTS ARE COMING TO PASS ALMOST FASTER THAN A PERSON CAN KEEP UP WITH, even though a great cover-up is still going on in higher places. Some of our people watch developments for a little while and never making a study of events, get bored and think nothing is happening, so they go back in to their sleep and turn to the World Order for amusement.

The Waco and White Water hearings are producing some results, although they are not well publicized. The FBI has now suspended 4 officials in the cover-up of the ‘Ruby Ridge’ affair. And this is about the approval for the ‘shoot-on-sight’ order during that 1992 siege at Ruby Ridge, in which Mrs. Randy Weaver was shot in the head while she held her baby in her arms. And her young son was shot in the back. As least one of these 4 men who were suspended, had admitted destroying FBI documents, and another has admitted knowing about it. So far, Larry Potts has not admitted knowing about this order, although some investigators allege that Potts approved the order to FBI snipers.

The special rules of engagement said FBI snipers ‘could and should’ use deadly force against armed men spotted in the open at the Weaver compound. Long standing FBI policy bars the use of lethal force except in self-defence.

Since the fiasco at Ruby Ridge, then we had the Waco affair. And now the Oklahoma City bombing wherein Larry Potts was in charge of all the investigations. Thus, the people of the country see a conspiracy to cover-up the facts, but slowly the facts are coming out.