Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1995 Part 1

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter September 1995 Part 1

AS WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING EVENTS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. HERE IN THE BEGINNING OF THIS MONTH, we are reminded of a tape by Wesley A. Swift as he told of an event taking place in 1962 that we think has had a great lot to do with these later days of the ‘Ruby Ridge’ Affair, the Waco disaster, and yes, even the bombing of Oklahoma City and before all of them, the affair of the arrests and trying for conviction of the Aryan Nations. This was the setting in place of the government agency with a ‘Director’ appointed by the Executive Branch of Government to manage ‘Religious Affairs’ in this nation. Thus, in this packet is included the message ‘Will the Christian Church take a Government Czar.’ Hopefully, this will explain some things to you and build up your spirits as the events of September and October take place here in our nation in Washington, D.C.

The Buildebergers have stretched out their time table for the putting in place of their ‘One World Government’, setting it back two years to 1002. Wonder why?

Over 1200 years ago the Mayan Priest prophesied that the solar eclipse of July 11, 1991, would herald man’s encounter with Masters of the sky. Do you wonder what they meant, or are you following events over these past few years.

Under Louis Freeh, the FBI has been turned from an internal American Police Agency, into an International force. Late last year, the FBI had set up a Training School in Budapest, Hungary where they are educating and ‘training’ police officers for Hungary and the Czech Republic and Poland.