Wednesday Night Bible Study – 3rd June

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 3rd June

QUESTION: I would like for you to explain to me about the Old Testament and the New Testament, what changes were made. Because when you tangle with the Jehovah Witnesses they are always telling you that as the New Testament was made different facets were applied to it until it is not the same as the Old Testament.

ANSWER: Don’t ever try to compare anything on the basis of what the Jehovah Witnesses have to say. When you finally find out where they stand you have something to work with, but basically the general run of them is Biblically illiterate. They are quite well informed on the books written by Judge Rutherford who is now dead, and since that time the International Bible house has come out with a tremendous amount of paper turned into propaganda, and these people know this forward and backward, but you can lose them in a hurry in the Bible.

Then they only have a few verses they know very well, such as the 144,000, and they think that these are Jehovah Witnesses, and they are the only ones going into the gates of the New Jerusalem, the heavens and yet there are some 3 million of them in the organization. One came to my door once and I said: if I became a convert then what could you offer me? He said: well you could become one of the 144,000. I said: are you one of that 144,000? And he said: Of course.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2nd September

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2nd September

Dr. Swift talking as tape commences, a question about the Books of Enoch I think (Ella). In the Book of Enoch it says that Enoch was shown the Valley of Fire and beings in it in torment, and when asked as to what it was, was told these are they who have committed sin. This is strictly a Roman concoction. The Book which you can get a copy of today is the one which Oxford re-did. It is a copy of the same kind of manuscripts they used when they did the King James Version, from the Roman Editions. All these hells and purgatories in the Book of Enoch as well as in the Apocrypha was Roman inserted, and didn’t exist before this.

There were a great number of Roman Theologians some of whom I know who will admit this. But there has never been a manuscript which goes back to the time of the Disciples which had any hell fire sown in it, not one single one of them. Not one single one of them ever suggested that a man was punished with fire after he died, or that he went into any situation such as this.

It was the Apocalypse of the Apostle Paul that they tried so hard to change. I have the version now of the one after they tampered with it. I had one of the original ‘Apocalypse of Paul’ but it was taken at the auditorium in down town Los Angeles. We have another one but this one was changed from the original. So when ever you get anything which talks about fire and brimstone and torment, for a person after he dies, then you have a Babylonianized document that had this added after the Second Century, in Rome.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2nd May

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2nd May

QUESTION: I want to know something about this tower of Babel. I have a friend who is a Catholic and he went to his Priest, and he said that the races began at the tower of Babel.

ANSWER: Of course, he is quite wrong. Because there were people before the tower, because they built the tower. This would be like the egg coming before the chicken or did it?

QUESTIONER: What I would like to know is, were these people trying to reach the heavens? Would God need to confuse their tongue to show them how foolish they were?

ANSWER: God has never really worried about anything. We have a lot of traditions and history connected with the Tower of Babel. And of course the city of Babel was one of the places conquered by Nimrod, and thus was under the rule of Nimrod. His capital city later was UR of the Chaldeans. But when Nimrod first conquered, what was known as Erech and Babel, when he first marched down into the plain of Shinar, his idea was the avenging what had been wars and massacres against the white race carried out by these pagans of all kinds. At that time Nimrod was a monotheists of course worshiping One God, and the basic thing about Nimrod was that he was from the house of Noah, from Ham, and the catastrophe which had enveloped the upper Tarim basin before the flood of Noah’s time ,had been induced by some of these Satanic and pagan forces.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2nd December

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2nd December

QUESTION: An explanation of John 8:37?

ANSWER: This is of course a sad translation in the King James Version. This just said: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” I was at this time when the Jews stood up and said: ‘How saith thee that the truth shall make us free; we have never been in bondage at anytime?’ This of course proved that they were not Israelites. Because if they had been Israelites, they would have been in bondage as the ten tribes were to Sannacherib or to Nebuchadnezzar. If they were those last in the Judah Kingdom, they would of course, have been in bondage earlier in Egypt.

But in getting around to this 37th verse, they were saying: ‘How can you make us free for we have not been in bondage at any time, but we are Abraham’s seed?’ Now, in the King James Version, it has Jesus saying: ‘I know that ye are Abraham’s seed. But ye seek to kill me.’ This is not the proper translation. It should be: ‘I know ye claim to be Abraham’s seed.’ And then Jesus went on to prove this: ‘If ye were Abraham’s seed, you would do the work of Abraham. Yet I speak the truth which is of God (Spirit) and ye seek to kill me.

This Abraham would not do. Instead ye do the work of your father.’ And they cried out to HIM: ‘We be not born of fornication. We have one father even God.’ But Jesus said: ‘If God were your father, ye would love me. For I proceed forth and came out of God (Spirit). Neither came I of the flesh alone, but of the Spirit.’

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 1st July

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 1st July

QUESTION: In Revelation, why is the tribe of Dan left out?

ANSWER: Actually, Dan prepared the way in migrations across Europe. The trail of Dan is to be found everywhere. Denmark marks the tribe of Dan. And he is not left out of the Assembly of Marching Israel. Dan was infiltrated, absorbed into lots of the tribes as they came westward. He was over in Anglo-Saxon land as well as in Denmark. But in Revelation both houses of Joseph are named. So if you have two houses of Joseph, then Dan would have made 13.

So they want the number at twelve. So I think it is just a matter of translation. (Levi was to be absorbed into all tribes) Dan is not left out. And anytime anyone tries to cite that Dan was rejected or ejected from the numbering of the tribes of Israel, it is very foolish because no part of the white race has been ejected. None removed. Probably no tribe has more marking of their migrations that Dan does. Of course the marching positions of the great nations which are a part of the descendants of the House of Jacob are still to be found positioned almost exactly as they were found in their encampments and eventually in their provinces set up around Jerusalem. To the East, to the West, North and South, they are almost in the same groupings today as nations.

QUESTION: When will you discuss the displacement factor in the Pyramid?

ANSWER: Not tonight, we will, but we should use charts. There might be some factor, or area of it which we might hit upon such as the number 153 fish in the net however.

QUESTION: The Tower of Babel. There are many things said about this?

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 1st April

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 1st April

QUESTION: Do you believe in, or did you ever see Washington’s Vision?

ANSWER: Oh yes, we have published Washington’s Vision. I have seen the original in the Library of Congress.

QUESTION: What do you think about the last of the vision? Remember the people knelt down and prayed, and then looked up and saw heavenly beings in the sky?

ANSWER: Reinforcements coming in.

QUESTION: Well, that encouraged the American people and they fought harder than ever. Now those heavenly beings, were they in flying saucers?

ANSWER: Well, all of this is coordinated, but what happens when a person tries to write it up and tell it, details sometimes aren’t quite as accurate, and McClellen wrote the details as Washington told it. Washington had written it in two communications as he remembered it. Now; this is why there are two versions of the letters, the original and MeClellen’s copy, and why they are slightly different, because McClellen copied the original. In this again, the Invasion is a struggle against the Asiatic and the Blacks, carrying communism and the flag, and the hoards symbolize, red, for of course communism is red.