Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2nd May

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2nd May

QUESTION: I want to know something about this tower of Babel. I have a friend who is a Catholic and he went to his Priest, and he said that the races began at the tower of Babel.

ANSWER: Of course, he is quite wrong. Because there were people before the tower, because they built the tower. This would be like the egg coming before the chicken or did it?

QUESTIONER: What I would like to know is, were these people trying to reach the heavens? Would God need to confuse their tongue to show them how foolish they were?

ANSWER: God has never really worried about anything. We have a lot of traditions and history connected with the Tower of Babel. And of course the city of Babel was one of the places conquered by Nimrod, and thus was under the rule of Nimrod. His capital city later was UR of the Chaldeans. But when Nimrod first conquered, what was known as Erech and Babel, when he first marched down into the plain of Shinar, his idea was the avenging what had been wars and massacres against the white race carried out by these pagans of all kinds. At that time Nimrod was a monotheists of course worshiping One God, and the basic thing about Nimrod was that he was from the house of Noah, from Ham, and the catastrophe which had enveloped the upper Tarim basin before the flood of Noah’s time ,had been induced by some of these Satanic and pagan forces.