Wednesday Night Bible Study – 4th April

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 4th April

QUESTION: Do you believe in, or did you ever see Washington’s Vision?

ANSWER: Oh yes, we have published Washington’s Vision. I have seen the original in the Library of Congress.

QUESTION: What do you think about the last of the vision? Remember the people knelt down and prayed, and then looked up and saw heavenly beings in the sky?

ANSWER: Reinforcements coming in.

QUESTION: Well, that encouraged the American people and they fought harder than ever. Now, those heavenly beings were they in flying saucers?

ANSWER: Well, all of this is coordinated, but what happens when a person tries to write it up and tell it, details sometimes aren’t quite as accurate, and McClellen wrote the details as Washington told it. Washington had written it in two communications as he remembered it. Now; this is why there are two versions of the letters, the original and MeClellen’s copy, and why they are slightly different, because McClellen copied the original. In this again, the Invasion is a struggle against the Asiatic and the Blacks, carrying communism and the flag, and the hoards symbolize, red, for of course communism is red.