A Caveat Against Injustice

A Caveat Against Injustice

IF WHAT IS USED AS A MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE IS FLUCTUATING IN ITS VALUE, it is no better than unjust weights and measures, both which are condemned by the laws of God and man.

Roger Sherman is the author of Article 1 Section 10 of the United States Constitution: “No State shall … make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”

Forasmuch, as there have been many disputes arisen of late concerning the medium of exchange in this colony, which have been occasioned chiefly by reason of our having such large quantities of paper Bills of Credit on some of the neighbouring governments passing in payments among us, and some of those governments having issued much larger sums of Bills than were necessary to supply themselves with a competent medium of exchange, and not having supplied their treasuries with any fund for maintaining the credit of such Bills:

They have therefore been continually depreciating and growing less in their value, and have been the principal means of the depreciation of the Bills of Credit emitted by this colony, by their passing promiscuously with them; and so have been the occasion of much embarrassment and injustice in the trade and commerce of the colony, and many people — and especially widows and orphans — have been great sufferers thereby.

But our Legislature having at length taken effectual care to prevent further depreciation of the Bills of this colony, and the other governments not having taken the prudent care, their Bills of Credit are still sinking in their value, and have in fact sunk much below the value of the Bills of this colony.

The Gentle Art of Thought Control Media General

The Gentle Art of Thought Control Media General

WHEN I WAS A CHILD, DURING THE 1930’S DEPRESSION, my school teacher often commented to our class about the sufferings of our native state, Virginia. She spoke not only of the rigors of the Civil War, but of its even more devastating aftermath, the Reconstruction and the carpetbagger empire. She pointed out that, since the conclusion of the Civil War, or the War Between the States, as we termed it, Northern bankers had continued to exercise a dominant role over our businesses and our government.

Some fifty years later, Gary Arnold asked me to look into a firm which had been opposing his conservative philosophy in California. The firm, Media General, was a familiar one to me. It was the result of an expansion by Virginia’s leading newspaper monopoly, Richmond Newspapers, which had become an empire composed of newspapers, radio and TV, cable-vision, newsprint manufacturers, and financial services. From its power base at the seat of the state government in Richmond in the carpetbagger era, it had become the state’s primary news monopoly.

Richmond Newspapers (now Media General) is a $500 million a year operation which was founded by Joseph Bryan in the heyday of the carpetbagger empire. His son, John Stewart Bryan, ran the newspapers from 1900 until his death in 1944. John Stewart Bryan was a lieutenant commander in Naval Intelligence, chairman of the 5th Federal Reserve District, and to prove his stellar liberal credentials, he was appointed to the board of overseers of Harvard University.

Sigmund Freud – Antichrist Devil

Sigmund Freud – Antichrist Devil

FEW AMERICANS REALIZE that the principal tool of Communist penetration in the United States is the pseudo-science of psychotherapy. Not only have many patriots who opposed Communist subversion been imprisoned for life without trial, but many others have been rendered helpless, their fortunes seized, and their exposures of Communist treachery discredited by the accusation of “mental illness”.

In 1848, Karl Marx issued his Communist Manifesto, detailing the Jewish plans for subduing the gentile, but it was not until 1896 that the most workable system to achieve this goal, “psychoanalysis”, was unveiled by his fellow – Jew Sigmund Freud.

No one suspected at the time that Freud (pronounced Fraud) had invented the indispensable tool for the biological parasite in his quest to gain absolute control over the life of the gentile host. Psychoanalysis became the instrument which the Jew used to probe the deepest recesses of the mind of the host, thereby learning his best secrets, as well as the hidden fears and doubts which could be exploited by a clever enemy in order to become his master.

Beginning his career as a medical student, Freud concentrated on the study of the nervous system, obtaining a degree in neuropathology. Up to this point, his education had been strictly scientific, conducted according to methodical Teutonic principles of study in the Vienna Medical School. He now abandoned these principles.

King Arthur and Conspiracy Against True British History

King Arthur and Conspiracy Against True British History

1. The Identity of the Khumry – Misnamed “Welsh

There are no Celtic people in Britain, and there never ever were any Celtic people in Britain.
If the ancient British were “Celtic” then All ancient British History is wrong, and as the British Histories can be very substantially proven to be correct then the “Celtic” myth that was invented in AD 1714 is yet another vast deception and fraud. There are no other words for this. The false idea that the Khumry, the Scots, and the Irish are Celts, is an Anglo-Saxon politically and religiously motivated invention, designed destroy the ancient Histories and to conceal truthful Historical Facts that are unpleasant for the propaganda of Rome and London.
The ancient Khumry people were known to the Assyrian Great Kings and Emperors as the Khumry – Ten Tribes of Israel. This is the fact, and the one million strong Khumry never got lost as they always knew who they were and where they were. In Britain the Khumry always claimed to be the Ten Tribes, that is before London began to dominate and seized control of ‘education’ or should one say mis-education.
The invaluable Ancient British Alphabet assists in the accurate tracing of our British ancestors by following the Alphabet inscriptions trail along the migration trail. These Khumry people were subjected to mass deportations from Israel by successive the Assyrian Emperors Tiglathpileser III, Shalmaneser IV, Sargon II, and Sennacherib between 740 -702 BC. Their Alphabet is found on baked clay tablet texts excavated at the Assyrian imperial city of Nineveh.
When Sennacherib was murdered in a temple by two of his sons a civil war erupted in Assyria as the heir Esarhaddon fought the murderers who were two of his half brothers. The Khumry Ten Tribe people seized the opportunity and took off from western Armenia going west across both branches of the Upper Euphrates river and through the Taurus mountain range. This is well described in Esdras Book II, Chapter 14. The Assyrians persuaded their northern allies the Scythians to pursue the Khumric Ten Tribes and battles ensued as the Khumry moved westwards.
In Asia Minor the Khumry were known to the Greeks as the Kimmeroi and the Kimmerians, and by 650 BC their unstoppable hordes had reached the Dardanelles and besieged the capital city of Sardis. Half the people then migrated to Etruria –Italy, and the other half remained in known named places until in c 504 BC when after continuous Greek pressure they allied with the Trojan remnants under Brutus to gain an opportunity. The Khumry then assembled with the Trojans on the Isle of Lemnos to sail for Britain, and this British History is proved by the existence of a large inscribed stone written in the Ancient British Coelbren Alphabet that was found in Lemnos in AD 1876 that is now in the Athens Museum.
Greek Histories match the British history and so the long journey of the Khumry-Ten Tribes ended. Some remnants of the Khumry remained in western Asia Minor, and the sum of their migrations is:-

1 Leaving Egypt under Moses around 1360 BC

2 Settling in old Canaan and being uprooted and deported north to Armenia by the Assyrians around 740-702 BC

3 Migrating westwards through the Taurus Mountain range in 687 BC and all across Asia Minor to reach the Dardanelles by 650 BC

4 Half the people migrate to Italy

Francis Bacon and The King James Bible

Francis Bacon and The King James Bible

IN THE CORRESPONDENCE COLUMNS OF BACONIANA OF JANUARY 1948, there appeared a letter on the above subject from Earle Cornwall. In it he says:

Here of late I have been reading a bound volume or two of the Baconian booklets, two years earlier Baconiana Magazine, and the Life of Alice Bamham and Thos. Meautys, all from curiosity concerning Bacon’s life. He was surely a fascinating character. I have as yet no “Life” of Bacon.

Somewhere I have seen one of those short references to his connection with the translation and publication of King James* Holy Bible, 1611—at least the statement that he had some connection with this great work. Yet in my recent search I cannot find any reference whatever to Bacon and the Bible: if he was connected with it he should have credit.

Statistics of Hot Summers – The Observer, July 18, 1852

Statistics of Hot Summers – The Observer, July 18, 1852

Statistics of Hot Summers

We know it’s a scam and here’s something to use as proof that the past was no different from today.

THE EXCESSIVE HEAT WHICH PREVAILS AT PRESENT (SAYS A PARIS PAPER) gives some interest to the following account of remarkably hot summers:—

“In 1132 the earth opened, and the rivers and springs disappeared in Alsace. The Rhine was dried up. in 1152 the heat was so great that eggs were cooked in the sand. In 1160, at the battle of Bela, a great number of soldiers died from the heat. In 1276 and 1277. in France, there was an absolute failure of the crops of grass and oats. In 1303 and 1304, the Seine, the Loire, the Rhine, and the Danube, were passed over dry footed.

In 1393 and 1394, great numbers of animals fell dead, and the crops were scorched up.

In 1440 the heat was excessive. In 1538, 1539, 1540, 1541, the rivers were almost entirely dried up. In 1356 there was a great drought over all Europe.

The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain

The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain


AS this philosophical study envisages an entirely new outlook on the past history of the world in which the British Isles emerge as the predominant influence, I owe it to the reader to afford some explanation of how I came to venture so ambitious an effort.

Over thirty years ago I must confess that I stumbled rather than deliberately walked into a recognition that the history of remote days as passed down was based on false premises in regard to the most famous ancient peoples, both in regard to geography and chronology. I was brought to the conviction that the Atlantic and not the Mediterranean was the focus of world civilization, and as I pursued my researches I found to my own astonishment that this path led me ultimately to the direction of the British Isles, and that they, with the Scandinavian Peninsula—originally itself an island—emerged from obscurity as the true motherland of the Aryan or Nordic race, the biblical Adamites, and dominated the ancient world long before the Flood of Noah.

My investigations had started with the puzzle of the drowning of the supposedly lost island of Atlantis, but as the search continued with an open mind gradually the quest narrowed to one infinitely nearer home, and eventually assumed the proportions which Plato ascribed to it as an island-continent from whence the “continent opposite”—namely America—was approached by the way of islands. “Atlantis”, in a word, stood revealed as the British Islands, then of considerably greater size apart from Scandinavia, with her attendant isles, enjoying a delicious temperate clime, from whence was evolved the first of mankind, signifying the white blond race, the Aryan peoples, from whom the Greeks and other Celts—who migrated in part to the Mediterranean later –first arose. Atlantis was drawn in one way or another into the vortex of the earliest Graeco-Phoenician myths of Oceanus, of the “earth-shaker” Poseidon, the Gorgon, the Cyclops and others, all for definite reasons pointing to the North Atlantic Ocean. This, if correct, rules out the Canaries or Azores (as some have identified With Atlantis), or the regions of Morocco where the so-called Atlas Mountains are. a misnomer altogether, but advances the British Isles and the Scandinavian mass, formerly at one with Northern Britain or separated only by a wide river and strait. In short, for a variety of reasons I was impelled to identify Atlantis with the British Isles.

It transpired that the prehistory of the Atlanteans and the race of Adam possessed peculiar similarities. The supermen of Plato’s island were drowned in a flood like the Adamites, the Giants of old time, men of renown, the men whose thoughts became wholly evil, destroyed in what is called the Flood or universal Deluge. The cause advanced for their destruction was in effect the same in both cases, they being accused of having mastered too many of the divine secrets of, as we should say, science, or as the ancients termed it, the gods.

Their attainments, identifiable at least in part from various sources, gradually revealed a remarkable civilization, one in which flourished many and great walled cities, towns and villages, these often adorned with majestic temples and palaces ; with main highways supported by multitudinous navigable canals and rivers ; with a highly developed agriculture producing the fruits of the earth, while other tracts were used to rear horses, cattle, and sheep ; with many ports and a mercantile marine which sailed the main to the most distant lands and brought home cargoes of wealth.

Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth

Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth

In the preparation of this book I have neither spared time or money, since I became satisfied that John Wilkes Booth was not killed, as has been supposed, at the Garrett home in Virginia, on the 26th day of April, 1865, and present this volume of collated facts, which I submit for the correction of history, respecting the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and the death or escape of John Wilkes Booth.

Personally, I know nothing of President Lincoln,and knew nothing of John Wilkes Booth until my meeting with John St. Helen, at my home in Texas,in the year 1872.

The picture which John St. Helen left with me for the future identification of himself in his true name and personality, was first identified by Gen. D. D. Dana, of Lubec, Maine, as John Wilkes Booth,January 17, 1898.

The second time by Junius Brutus Booth, the third, of Boston, Mass., (he being the oldest living nephew of John Wilkes Booth), on the 21st day of February, 1903, at Memphis, Tenn.
The third time by the late Joe Jefferson (the world’s famous Rip Van Winkle), at Memphis, Tennessee, on the 14th day of April, 1903, just thir- ty-eight years to a day from the date of the assassination of President Lincoln. I here make mention of this identification because of its importance. Among the personal acquaintances of John Wilkes Booth none would know him better than Mr. Jefferson, who was most closely associated with him for several years, both playing together on the same stage.

I know of no man whose knowledge of Booth is more to be trusted, or whose words of identification will carry more weight to the world at large. While there are many other important personages equally to be relied upon that have identified his pictures there is none other so well known to the general public, having identified the picture taken of John St. Helen, in 1877, as being that of John Wilkes Booth—thus establishing the fact of actual physical proof that John Wilkes Booth was living in 1872, when I met him under the name of John St. Helen, as also when he had his picture taken and left with me in the late winter or early spring of 1878, twelve years after the assassination of President Lincoln.

It is well in this connection to call attention to other physical proofs of the identification of John Wilkes Booth by referring to the deformed right thumb, just where it joined the hand, and the mismatched brows, his right brow being arched and unlike the left.


The Myth of German Villainy

The Myth of German Villainy

I SERVED IN THE UNITED STATES NAVY FROM 1955 UNTIL 1977, MOSTLY AS A NAVY PILOT, and saw a lot of the world as a result. Aircraft carriers on which I served regularly visited European ports, as well as other ports around the world. I have also travelled extensively in the years since leaving the Navy.

After travelling around most of Europe, Germany emerges as my favourite country. During our visits there we found the German people to be pleasant, industrious, disciplined and civilized with many similarities to traditional Americans. They in no way resemble the stereotypes depicted in all the anti-Nazi movies, books and articles we have been subjected to over the years.

I am 74 as I write these words. My generation grew up virtually inundated with anti-German propaganda. We were taught, quite literally, to hate the Germans as a people. Yet, Germans I have met or befriended through the years seem no different from other Europeans, or even Americans, and they seem no more inclined to violence and militarism than anyone else; if anything, less. I have never detected anything that might be considered intrinsically “wrong” with the German character.

They are a highly cultured, highly civilized people in every respect. When studied objectively, even Germany’s leaders of the 1930’s and 40’s were not very different from other European leaders. They were only made out to be different by the relentless hate propaganda directed against them.

Germany suffered more than any other country by far as a result of World War II. Some 160 of her largest cities and towns were completely destroyed by the Allied bombing campaign and perhaps as many as 20 million Germans lost their lives as a result of the war. Yet, no one wants to hear their tales of suffering, and no sympathy has been allowed the defeated and disgraced Germans.

History of Why Smart Meters Were Installed

History of Why Smart Meters Were Installed

In the UK under our laws you cannot be compelled to have a Smart Meter and cannot be cut off. Yes he is correct. Once you have paid your final bill and for your meters then that’s it. No more bills. Recently Kayles from free energy nationwide was on a zoom with Neil Oliver link HERE.

National Grid is different from national grid.

These suppliers of gas and energy are actually not suppliers they are the middleman and do not actually produce a product.

When they come to check your meter they are looking at the meter number not the readings. Apologies this is long but ….

History of Why Meters Were Installed

After the Napoleonic wars of 1815, the Rothschilds bankrupted the United Kingdom by selling all their stocks and shares. They knew that because of their status within the financial world as the main player, everyone would copy and do the same (which they did!). When the value was at rock bottom they came back in and bought everything.

To this day, they (Blackrock and Vanguard) still own every industry in the world including oil and pharmaceutical companies, all mainstream media organisations, education (large universities, schools) and more – all of these seemingly disparate systems are connected and funded by the same hand. This is very important to understand. The Rothschilds are just one faction of the Black Nobility bloodline who rule above them (a more complex topic for another conversation).