The Jews And Israel

The Jews And Israel

THE ATTITUDE OF JESUS CHRIST TO THIS SECT IS DEFINITELY EXPRESSED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. (Luke 11 and John 8) Ask yourself the following questions regarding present day Jews Then you decide from the Word of God, who is true Israel.

1). Have the Jews been a blessing to all nations?

2). Have the Jews been “Circumcised In The Heart?”

3). Do the Jews glorify Jesus Christ?

4). Do the Jews declare that Jesus is God?

5). Do the Jews show forth the praises of Christ, God’s Son?

6). Have the Jews carried the message of “personal” and “national” Salvation to the ends of the Earth?

7). Do the Jewish people have God’s Spirit in their hearts?

8). Was the New Covenant (Testament) written to Jews or Israelites and what is the difference between the two?

9). Are the Jews the “lost sheep of the house of Israel?”

10). Are the Jews the “children of God, scattered abroad?”

11). Are the Jews the servants of God?

The Day The Word Became Flesh

The Day The Word Became Flesh

PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT SUBJECTS TO UNDERSTAND IN ALL SCRIPTURE IS THE INCARNATION. When we speak of the “Word,” naturally we are speaking of Yahweh. Most Judeo-Christians are under the delusion, that in some way, Yahweh the Father had a son similar to the way a natural fleshly father would have a son. This Is Not at All What Happened When the Word Became Flesh.

John 1:14 says:

“And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us–-full of grace (favour) and truth.”

If you will notice very carefully, the words, “(and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father)” are enclosed in parentheses. Immediately this should sound a warning signal, as the writer is referring to Isaiah 40:5 and quoting it out of context.

Actually, someone only succeeded in causing confusion on the matter by adding these words in parentheses, for Yeashua was not the “only begotten of the Father,” at least, if what Luke 3:38 ways is true, “Adam, which was the Son of Yahweh.”

As a matter of fact, Yeashua is rightly referred to as “the second Adam,” (Romans 5:14). While Yeashua is referred to as a second Adam, and both Adam and Yeashua were sons of Yahweh, with Yeashua it was in a different sense, for Yeashua was actually Yahweh Himself in the flesh and Adam wasn’t. It is important to see this difference between Yeashua and Adam, for Adam was not Yahweh in the flesh. It is very necessary we understand these important basic truths.

The Millennium

The Millennium

WHAT IS MILLENNIALISM, WHERE DOES THE TERM COME FROM, and when did this theory originate? One could talk about the 3 major theories, (1) Pre-Millennialism, (2) A-Millennialism, and (3) Post-Millennialism; but this has been done by many other men much more able than we are.

Therefore, we will attempt to help you understand that the Pre-Millennialism theory is really a “Jewish Millennialism.” Most Christians believe the theory is Christian in origin; and they will cite Revelations 20:1-7 and say it is talking about the “millennium” but some say the theory predates the Christian era.

Looking at the Jewish Encyclopaedia it has the following to say about the millennial theory. It states that the Millennium (or Chilliasm) is actually older than the Christian church itself In other words, it isn’t a Christian idea after all. The reign of peace, lasting a thousand years, which will precede the last and final judgment and the future life, is a concept which has achieved a special importance in the Christian church, where it has been termed Chilliasm, designating the domination of Jesus with the glorified and risen saints, will rule for a thousand years.

Chilliasm, or the idea of the thousand years is, nevertheless, older than the Christian church. For the belief of a thousand years, at the end of time, as a preliminary to the resurrection of the dead, was held in Pharisaism. This concept is expressed in Jewish literature in the Book of Enoch and etc.

The Law

The Law

WE HEAR MUCH ABOUT THE “LAW” TODAY IN THE NATIONAL AND LOCAL MEDIA. They are constantly saying “it is the law.” But you will notice that it is never God’s Law which is to be observed, it is mans law and it is quickly putting shackles on us, our children and our grandchildren. This is not to say that law is not important, for law is essential to an orderly way of life. But it is to bring safety and peace not hostility and slavery.

It has been the continued and uninterrupted operation of God’s Laws of Life that has made possible the existence of the human race. In fact, law is so essential to our very existence that life itself came into being as the result of the operation of God’s Law (Which has not been done away with, the cries of the Christian clergy to the contrary).

The operation of law is not confined to our physical existence alone. Our very health and prosperity with every act and need of man, individually, socially and governmentally, are all governed by law; and if we keep and observe these laws all their benefits will accrue to us while, if we violate them, there will follow inevitable retribution and suffering.

When men come to a full realization of these facts, they will willingly apply themselves to understanding God’s Laws so that in the knowledge of their operation and in obedience to them they may secure a blessing instead of a curse. Then the many and varied problems of administration which have so troubled and perplexed mankind will find a solution in their observance.

The True Birthday of Christ

The True Birthday of Christ

THE TRUE BIRTHDAY OF CHRIST: IN OUR SEARCH FOR THE DATE OF CHRIST’S BIRTH, LET US TURN TO THE GOSPEL OF LUKE. Here we find the high priest named Zacharias performing his duties as priest and Luke gives us some details of when this was happening. “There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judaea, a certain priest named Zacharias, of the course of Abia: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elisabeth––-

And it came to pass, that while he executed the priest’s office before God in the order of his course, According to the custom of the priest’s office, his lot was to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord.” [1]
The time of this happening is given to us in the phrase “in the course of Ab-i-ah.” Now we need to go back in time to the days of David, who divided the performing of the priestly duties into twenty-four hour shifts, relays, or as stated in verse 5 and 8, “courses.” David, in 1 Chronicles 24, allocated sixteen of the courses the descendants of Eleazar and eight courses to the descendants of Ith-a-mar.

Each course was determined by casting lots and the first course fell to Jehoiarib (Je-hoy-a-rib) and “—the eighth to Abijah (a-bi-jah),” [2].

Each course administered for one week at a time and changes were made on the Sabbath day before the evening sacrifice [3], and all the courses were active during the main festivals. This reckoning or cycle began on the 22nd of Tis-ri. Reckoning from the 22nd of Tis-ri, the ministering in the temple would fall upon the course of A-bi-jah twice a year, from 6 to 12 December, and from 13-19 June in the year 5 B.C.

One Hundred Forty and Four Thousand

One Hundred Forty and Four Thousand

WE FIND THESE MENTIONED IN REVELATION 7:4‑10:4: And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

5: Of the tribe of Judah were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand.

6: Of the tribe of Asher were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Nepthalim (Naphtali) (Naphtali) were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasseh were sealed twelve thousand.

7: Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand.

8: Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand.

NOTE: In this numbering of the Children of Israel, the tribes of Ephraim and Dan are not listed. Joseph is listed and so is Manasseh, why was Ephraim one of the Birthright Tribes not listed? And why was Dan not listed?

Some will say that Joseph was listed so he took the place of Ephraim but that simply cannot be the case because of the importance of his position in the tribes.

What Makes A Person A Christian?

What Makes A Person A Christian?

SOMEONE ASKED A VERY GOOD QUESTION. So you call yourself a Christian. A lot of people consider themselves to be Christians. But clearly, God declares that not all those who may think they are Christians are, in fact, Christians. (Matthew 7:21-23)

If you believe you are a Christian, and you believe in a life hereafter, no doubt you consider being a Christian a very important matter; the most important matter in life. Am I right about this?

Well, if you consider this the most important matter in life, it ought to clearly be evident in how you live how you think, remote, act, eat, drink, sleep, and breathe. Is this also correct? I mean, you either are a Christian or you are not; you can’t be just partly a Christian; you can’t be a Christian part of the time, or just in certain ways; it’s all or nothing. Would you not agree? (And honestly, whether you agree or not, this is what God’s Word tells us)

Just what do you think makes a person a Christian? What gives you reason to believe you are a Christian? Let us briefly look at how some people might answer these questions.

Some accuse others of not being a Christian because they don’t think the way they do; some think that if one does not care to associate with the other races and peoples of the world that they can’t be Christians because the Bible teaches that all men can be saved. But there is nothing in the Bible that substantiated this belief.

Who Are The True Tribes of Israel

Who Are The True Tribes of Israel

WHO ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE? This question is worthy of your time and consideration. This will be an honest attempt to make investigative discovery into the identification of Abraham’s children in this present world. Who are the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob‑Israel, and where are they located in the earth? This may be one of the most imperative theological questions of this century. Who are the chosen people and where are these people living?

The response made to this question could not only have tremendous theological and religious significance, but it could also alter the geo‑political status of our world. Anyone who has carefully read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation can document that God did indeed choose a people unto Himself, above all the people that are upon the face of this earth.

The people designated as the chosen of God in the Bible are Israelites. The word “Israel” appears more than 2,500 times in the total Bible, and this is the generic name given to the family of people descending from Abraham, Isaac, and promises which God made with these people. The primary theme of the Bible is the promise of a Messiah/Saviour who would come into the earth to redeem Israel, confirm the covenants, restore the validity of the Law, and proclaim the way of Salvation for the Elect in God, chosen in Christ, from the foundation of the world.

The first eleven chapters of the Bible cover the entire story of Creation, the Fall, the genealogical tables of Adam’s seed and Cain’s seed, the Genesis Flood, the development of the Adamic nations in the post‑flood history of the Bible, and the building of the tower of Babel.

Woe to You Translators and Religious Leaders

Woe to You Translators and Religious Leaders

WOE TO YOU, TRANSLATORS AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS, HYPOCRITES. For by deception you are shutting up the Kingdom of Heaven before men: for you yourselves are not entering, neither do you allow them that are entering to go in. (Based on Matthew 23:13)

Using the Kingdom Parables to Find the Kingdom: “This will be an exercise in reasoning. To warm-up your mind please read carefully the following meaningful quote:

Jack and Jill Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill comes tumbling after.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What’s so ‘meaningful’ about a silly nursery rhyme some ancient poet conjured up for small children? Our teachers recited it to us, and we memorized it. But, there was never any particular meaning or message in it. This little boy and girl went up a hill to get some water. They both fell down in the process. End of story. Time to move on to something more important.”

However, consider the Jack and Jill story as an example of how we become indoctrinated. We were given the Jack and Jill story as a meaningless rhyme. So we accepted it as such. We know it, but it means nothing. When the subject of Jack and Jill comes up, we always think about it in that context, just as we learned as children.

Our teachers call this “the learning process.” But, was it really learning, or mere memorization and mental desensitisation?

The History of Drugs

The History of Drugs

HOW COME THEY DON’T TEACH THIS HISTORY IN THE SCHOOLS OR SHOW IT ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL??? Very simply, Rothschild runs the world, which includes the schools, Talmud Vision, & the Drug Trade! The “War on Drugs” is a 100% Jew con‑trolled government scam!

When the cops arrest somebody, they always ask the person “Who is your supplier?” Well tell the cops here are the suppliers for the entire World! The Rothschild Family, The British Royal Family, The Sassoon Family, with Rothschild the number1! Do you think the DEA, FBI, CIA, Interpol, or any agency will go after them? Don’t kid yourself! It Is All a Jew Scam! MBJ.

Hong Kong Founded as Sassoon Drug Center
Hong Kong and The Sassoon Opium Wars

The 99 year British lease on Hong Kong expired in July allowing the Red Chinese to take over. Hundreds of newspaper stories and TV reports have covered this event but not one revealed how England first gained control of Hong Kong! The truth lies buried in the family line of David Sassoon, “The Rothschilds of The Far East,” and their monopoly over the opium trade. Britain won Hong Kong by launching the opium Wars to give the Sassoon’s exclusive rights to drug an entire nation!

David Sassoon was born in Baghdad, Iran in 1792. His father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and the treasurer to Ahmet Pasha, the governor of Baghdad. (Thus making him the “court Jew” ‑ a highly influential position.) In 1829 Ahmet was overthrown due to corruption and the Sassoon family fled to Bombay, India.