What Makes A Person A Christian?

What Makes A Person A Christian?

SOMEONE ASKED A VERY GOOD QUESTION. So you call yourself a Christian. A lot of people consider themselves to be Christians. But clearly, God declares that not all those who may think they are Christians are, in fact, Christians. (Matthew 7:21-23)

If you believe you are a Christian, and you believe in a life hereafter, no doubt you consider being a Christian a very important matter; the most important matter in life. Am I right about this?

Well, if you consider this the most important matter in life, it ought to clearly be evident in how you live how you think, remote, act, eat, drink, sleep, and breathe. Is this also correct? I mean, you either are a Christian or you are not; you can’t be just partly a Christian; you can’t be a Christian part of the time, or just in certain ways; it’s all or nothing. Would you not agree? (And honestly, whether you agree or not, this is what God’s Word tells us)

Just what do you think makes a person a Christian? What gives you reason to believe you are a Christian? Let us briefly look at how some people might answer these questions.

Some accuse others of not being a Christian because they don’t think the way they do; some think that if one does not care to associate with the other races and peoples of the world that they can’t be Christians because the Bible teaches that all men can be saved. But there is nothing in the Bible that substantiated this belief.